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When it comes to new-season beauty inspiration, there’s no better place to turn than Paris Fashion Week. While some of the looks might seem a little too crazy to incorporate into your everyday style, they can be a great starting point for trying out something new. We’ll take you through failsafe and much easier ways to rock the hottest beauty looks right now.


Sparkle in glitter: How to wear shiny metallic makeup

We’re definitely not advising you to go totally Givenchy and cover your whole face in crystals – but there is a place for the sparkling stones in every girl’s make-up bag.

One of the easiest ways to make this look work is by picking up some sparkling false eyelashes. Look out for ones with subtle hints of glitter – or rhinestones if you’re feeling brave. Red Cherry false lashes are made of human hair, which means they look really natural. They come in all kinds of different styles, so there’s sure to be a sparkling set to suit you. You can also use eyelash glue to carefully apply single gems along your lashline or at the corner of your eye.

Another way to rock sparkle is on your lips. For a cheap option, use Vaseline as an adhesive and then apply a layer of lipstick in your colour of choice. Add a glitter lipgloss over the top and finish off by layering glitter until you achieve the intensity you want. Adhesive lip tattoos are also a good idea, as they are much easier to apply and will last longer. Violent Lips has a whole host of dazzling designs, which are sure to get attention.

Gold brocade

Christian Dior’s golden make-up looked amazing on the runway and will look just as great on you. It’s surprisingly subtle and works just as well for a winter party as it does against bronzed skin in the summer. It’s all about making your face your main accessory.

“These eyebrows are like jewellery,” explained Pat McGrath, who is behind the look, to Into the Gloss. “Working with the natural brow shapes, we applied glue, gold pigment, and gold glitter in many layers to create a brocade texture. It’s a real build.

To get it right, we just painted on the pigment and wiped it away. We were really having fun. The glue was used to ensure that the gold stayed for the full show. And we decided on gold because it feels both organic and futuristic.” Give the look a go at home with gold eyeshadow that gives good coverage. M.A.C in Goldenrod is a great choice.

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