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Smell that Stud Kit Harington is new face of Jimmy Choo fragrance b.png

Dude needs a shampoo endorsement, stat. ©AFP Photo / Joe Klamar

Please, let the campaign visuals involve shirtlessness of some sort. Given that Kit Harington spends virtually all of his screen time in Game of Thrones swaddled in sooty furs and animal skin of dubious origin, we don’t think that’s too much of a request to make.

The 27-year-old English swain has just been announced as the new face (and nose or any other bodily appendage, for that matter) of Jimmy Choo Man, the luxe fashion label’s first men’s fragrance. As part of the deal, Kit will be kitted up with the line’s loafers, bags, sunglasses – the whole shebang, save Jimmy Choo’s stilettos.

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming September campaign or, for that matter, what the scent will smell like, so ladies, feel free to speculate away.

What will the new Jimmy Choo man be like? Will he smell of blood, sweat and magical dragon’s tears? Will Jimmy Choo drop the other shoe, so to speak, and sign on the ladies from Game of Thrones for the pour femme counterpart? Most importantly, will Kit get his kit off?

The new season premiere of Game of Thrones airs on April 13 at 10pm on HBO / HBO HD (StarHub TV Ch 601).

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