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habits to follow for clear skin - tips for clearer skin singapore

#1 Hydrate!

Hydrate, inside and out. Drinking more water not only helps flush out toxins from your body, it also helps the cells in your body (skin cells included) function better. So if you’ve got a big event (or a hot date) coming up, you want to make sure you’re making a more concerted effort to drink water everyday. The recommended amount has always been eight glasses, but as long as you remember to drink water throughout the day, you’ll be fine.

You can also supplement your skin with hydrating face serums and creams that will keep your skin looking more plump and glowing.

If you work in air-conditioned offices that can also dry out your skin, so we recommend investing in a hydrating face mist to keep your skin moist.

#2 Don’t touch your face (and don’t slouch)

It’s not the latest piece of advice by any means, but it’s one of the most important if you want your skin to stay clear and as clean as possible throughout the day. We touch our nasty keyboards, phones, and plenty of other bacteria-ridden items at work, which you really don’t want getting on your face. Also consider cleaning your handphone more often if you make calls a lot, because you spend all day touching your phone screen with unclean hands.

Bottom line, stop touching your face! This includes resting your jaw on your hand when your neck is too tired to keep your head upright. If it’s a terrible habit, we recommend keeping a mirror near your computer monitor, so you’re more likely to catch yourself in the act and try harder to stop.


#3 Cleanse before bed

Whether you wear makeup during the day or just skincare, you still need to cleanse your skin before bed. All the pollution, dirt, dust, grime and excess sebum on your skin is just ready and waiting to clog your pores and give you a face full of zits. A cleansing brush or exfoliating wash is especially handy on particularly grimy days, but doesn’t have to be used everyday.

#4 Eat well

The food and drinks you consume all have an impact on your skin. Greasy foods, too much sugar and processed foods are all terrible for our skin in the same way they’re bad for our bodies. Not only do you want to cut down on those types of foods, you also want to up your intake of antioxidants and foods that are going to help hydrate your skin (in addition to the water you drink). Some foods also contain minerals and vitamins that can give your skin a boost and deal with skin concerns like acne.


#5 Change your sheets

First off, if you aren’t fussy about what or who comes into contact with your bedsheets, it’s time to start taking note. Don’t throw your bags (especially dirty suitcases) or dirty clothes on the bed and try not to lay in bed at the end of the day with your day-old grime and dirt. Make it a point to shower before you get into bed, because any bacteria or dirt you leave on your sheets will find its way onto your skin and face, which can in turn cause breakouts. Yuk, so gross.

The goal this year is to be a lot more diligent about changing the sheets, making a mental note to swap them out every week. Pick a day – Saturdays or Sundays are the easiest – and always change the bedsheets on that day. Your skin will thank you.

#6 Sunscreen

Sun damage is no small thing. On a smaller scale it brings about premature ageing, dulls your skin, increases pigmentation (“sun spots” appear when your skin increases the melanin near the surface of your skin to protect you better from sun damage), and causes your skin to lose its elasticity.

Even if you’re slapping on sunscreen in the early hours of the morning (which you should do daily without fail), it’s probably worn off a good amount by lunchtime. So if you’re someone who always heads out into the hot afternoon heat for lunch, you should really invest in a sunscreen mist to “top up” the sun protection you’ve got on your face and any regular sunscreen for your body.


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