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With aesthetic treatments becoming more commonplace, women are asking: How do I pick a clinic to go to?

Many of us rely on recommendations from friends. That’s a good start. But a good alternative is to look for a clinic where the doctors have preferences for certain treatments.

Why? The reason is that these doctors would have done such treatments thousands of times on different patients. This translates to them bringing that background and experience to your treatment. It’s that extra pop of finesse you get.

Dr Y.Z. Tan, founder of Mizu Aesthetic Clinic, which offers aesthetic treatments and medispa services, has been performing a core range of treatments since he established the clinic in 2015. Laser treatments are among them – he’s done more than 10,000 of these since he started his career in 2012. His favourite is the Pro Yellow Laser.

Unlike most laser treatments, Pro Yellow Laser doesn’t just reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten your complexion; it can also shrink blood vessels to reduce redness caused by skin sensitivity, rosacea and acne. The laser is said to kill bacteria and reduce the size of sebum-producing glands – which is thought to be a boon for those who have acne and very oily skin.

If you have pigmentation that goes deep into the skin, the clinic offers the Discovery Pico laser that produces ultra-short pulses of photoacoustic energy to break down pigments into small fragments which can be eliminated by the body.

With microinjections being a recent trend, the clinic offers the Rejuran Healer Skinbooster for Rejuvenation, a microinjection filler treatment from South Korea. It uses an ingredient derived from salmon, which reportedly smooths pitted acne scars, stimulates collagen
production, strengthens the skin barrier and increases moisture levels in skin. For the under-eye area, Dr Tan recommends a filler to plump up the skin and make fine lines less obvious.

Another treatment offered is the Hiko Nose Threadlift. This uses threads to define nose contours, lift the nose tip, and increase the height of the nose bridge. Depending on your nose structure, Dr Tan may recommend a combination of nose threadlift and fillers.

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