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1. Cleanse gently

For many people struggling with oily skin, the first instinct might be to use a deep (and sometimes harsh) cleanser twice daily that leaves skin feeling squeaky clean.

However, what many of these cleansers contain chemical surfactants like SLSs which strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier, hence that squeaky clean feeling.

And what happens when your skin’s moisture barrier is compromised? Your skin starts producing even more sebum to naturally lubricate itself, sending it into a vicious cycle.

To solve this problem, resist the urge to buy cleansers that are harsh. Instead, try a gentle cleanser like Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro pH Foam Facial Cleanser, $29 for 120ml.

Formulated with naturally derived surfactants that do not strip the skin, it only thoroughly cleanses your pores and balances skin’s pH but is also non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin.


2. Realise the importance of toners

When you have oily skin that’s prone to shine, it is only understandable that you want to avoid piling on multiple layers of products. However, the toner step is not one to miss out on. As previously mentioned, the first rule of thumb is to avoid products that might strip skin of its moisture barrier.

Instead, look for alcohol-free formula that respect your skin’s integrity. Try Mario Badescu Witch Hazel & Rosewater Toner, $30 for 236ml, which infuses skin with rose and witch hazel extracts for their natural astringent properties without any harshness to your skin.

Aloe vera soothes redness-prone skin and rose water and rose oil douses skin with hydration and antioxidants for a healthier, clearer complexion.


3. Use a face oil already

While many people still have reservations about using face oils when they have oily skin, trust us when we say it might be the best thing that will happen for your skin.

First of all, our skin’s lipid barrier is hydrophilic, which means that it keeps water-based ingredients out. This also explains why our skin is a waterproof barrier to prevent water from seeping into our body when we swim or take baths.

Due due to its structure, this lipid barrier is more receptive to oils so applying a nutrient-rich face oil can help effectively transport essential skincare ingredients into its deeper layers.

For those looking at keeping breakouts at bay, purifying skin and regulating sebum glands, try Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, $113 for 35ml.

Carefully blended with botanical extracts that clears out pores, renew skin, kills bacteria and brighten existing blemish scars, it is easily absorbed into the skin to soothe, hydrate and purify blemish-prone skin without leaving behind any greasy residue.


4. Never ever skip moisturiser

Ensuring that your skin is well hydrated will help reduce excessive sebum production. Hence, it is crucial to moisturise your skin with an effective moisturiser that effectively hydrates without being too rich. Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Mattifying Moisturizer, $48 for 40ml, does just that.

Thanks to its blend of essential oils, this lightweight moisturiser not only provides long-lasting hydration, it also has antiseptic benefits to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

And it is also formulated with natural silica powders which soaks up excess sebum for a mattified complexion throughout the day.


5. Deep-cleanse your skin regularly

We could all use some extra help in purging congestion-prone skin in the form of a clarifying mask which absorbs gunk, dirt and excess sebum that have be left to accumulate within pores.

Moreover, when you have shine-prone skin, the sebum on your skin’s surface becomes prone to oxidation, which in turns causes your complexion to look dull and lifeless.

Formulated to combat all your oily skin woes, Skin Inc Mask-Have Matte & Glow Duo Mask Set, $98 for 2 x 25ml, is the perfect weekly deep-cleansing mask to deeply purify and brighten your complexion at one go.

Take multi-masking to a whole other level as the Pores Be-Gone Mattifying Mask reduces shine and refines pores with volcanic ash while the Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask brightens your complexion with vitamin C and Licorice extract.


6. Keep an SOS product on standby

On days when you’re too lazy to go down your regular mask routine, keep a fast-acting mask like FOREO’s Matte Maniac Extra Purifying Charcoal-Infused UFO Activated Mask, $30 for six sheets, on hand.

Designed to be used with FOREO’s UFO device, each sheet of this mask is soaked in an oil-free serum which works under two minutes.

Charcoal draws out pore-clogging impurities, lotus infuses skin with antioxidants while a host of vitamins and minerals recharges and replenishes skin for a well-balanced mien.