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If you’ve had a particularly rough week, you’d know the look: dry and dull skin, dark undereye circles, puffy eyes and the appearance of fine lines you never knew existed. Everyday stressors come from environmental, chemical and lifestyle sources can cause inflammation, weaken the skin barrier – and, yes, add years to your face. All of these, unfortunately, impact your skin health and can result in a less than desirable appearance in the mirror.

While stress-reducing methods such as getting enough sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help, skincare such as the new Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel from homegrown skincare label Porcelain can further help combat the effect of everyday stressors. That way, you can handle this from both inside out and outside in.

Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel

But first, how does everyday stressors impact our skin?

Environmental stress comes from air pollution in the form of free radicals, dust particles, and heavy metals as well as photodamage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and visible blue light. Besides causing damage to the DNA of skin cells, environmental stress also causes the skin to react with inflammation and increased sebum production.

Chemical stress, on the other hand, comes from chemicals we encounter daily, ranging from aerosol sprays and cleaning agents like detergents to formaldehyde found in wood products and permanent-press fabrics. Over time, contact with such compounds impair the skin barrier and result in irritation and sensitivity.

Finally, lifestyle stress stems from issues including feelings of stress, worry and anxiety, late nights, smoking and an unbalanced diet. This causes free radicals and increased levels of stress hormones that wreak havoc in the body. This is coupled with the disruption of our circadian rhythm and the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate.

Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel

As a result, stress causes our skin’s internal and external protective function to fail, resulting in inflammation, irritation and accelerated ageing that manifests in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dark eye circles and undereye bags, dry and dull skin, sensitive and sensitised skin and the loss of elasticity and fullness.

How to remedy stressed-out skin?

Eliminate nasties from your skincare routine

During these times of stress, it is important to tweak your skincare routine to counteract the damaging effects. For starters, steer clear of artificial fragrance and potentially irritating ingredients such as drying alcohols, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, and mineral and animal-derived oils.

Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel

Choose products that are packed with bio-actives and herbs

More importantly, you would want to focus on skincare that are packed with skin-loving bio-actives and medicinal herbs. One example would be Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel. This lightweight gel-cream facial moisturiser employs a blend of eight traditional and clinically proven bio-actives to combat effects of everyday stressors, protect skin from premature ageing and keep your mien looking fresh and dewy all day, even when you’re running on empty.

The eight potent bio-active ingredients in the moisturiser are extracts of chestnut seed, red sage and Mongolian snake gourd, allantoin, niacinamide, olive fruit oil and avocado oil. Chestnut seed provides cellular protective and reparative capabilities, red sage has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe sensitivity and redness while Mongolian snake gourd increases cell energy levels to better fight ageing and inflammation and improve the cell’s ability to protect and repair. This is bolstered by allantoin that stimulates collagen-producing fibroblasts cells, soothes skin and promotes wound healing and antioxidant niacinamide that neutralises oxidative stress. Lastly, olive fruit oil and avocado oil are rich in fatty acids that moisturise and protect the skin.

Give yourself a face massage

To really help destress after a long day, include a short facial massage when applying your skincare. Start by applying Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel all over your face, neck and décolleté and use long strokes from your forehead down to your neck to aid lymphatic drainage. Then, use upwards motion to lift your neck, cheeks, corners of the eyes and forehead to complete.

Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel

With Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel and its formulation of eight powerful bio-actives and medicinal herbs, you can confidently combat damaging everyday stressors, stave off premature skin ageing and present your best self.

Our review:

Our irritated skin from mask-wearing, late nights and being back at work got the instant reprieve it needed, drinking up the oil-free hydration. Overnight, skin looked clearer and more radiant. We might not be able to completely destress at times, but this gel-cream definitely gives us one less thing to worry about.

Porcelain’s Bio-DNA Defence Aqua Gel is available at all Porcelain Spas, Porcelain’s e-store and selected e-marketplaces at $120.

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