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Credit: Sigi Skin

When it comes to tackling common skin concerns such as fine lines and dullness, vitamin C remains the “gold standard” ingredient for serums. That said, not all vitamin C serums are created equally. 

While vitamin C-infused serums are often lauded for their antioxidative and skin brightening properties, the active ingredient itself is an unstable active ingredient that can lose its efficacy when it comes into contact with heat, oxygen and light. 

One of the many things that separate homegrown brand Sigi Skin‘s Daylight Oasis from other vitamin C serums out in the market is its UV-protective pump packaging that is designed with preservation in mind.

Additionally, at the heart of the formula is L-ascorbic acid (15 per cent), a highly stable form of vitamin C that penetrates the skin layers more deeply than other forms – to fight free radicals and environmental aggressors. 

At that concentration, it’s likely to be effective without irritating the skin, but as a fail-safe, the vegan beauty brand also added calming resveratrol (found in the skin of grapes) and reparative vitamin E into the mix. 

Other noteworthy ingredients include fucoidan (found naturally in the cell walls of brown seaweed) which protects your skin from harmful UV rays while minimising signs of ageing, and turmeric, which reduces excess sebum production.

It’s also enriched with copper tripeptide growth factors to smooth and plump the skin. Together, these anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients work together to stave off existing and future signs of ageing. 

Skin booster in a bottle 

L-ascorbic acid might be the star of the formula, but the accompanying exosomes (derived from lactobacillus) are there to help it reach its full potential. When used in a vitamin C serum like Daylight Oasis, exosomes act like a “smart advanced delivery system for the potent actives. They have the ability to deliver ingredients to where your skin needs it the most,” explains Sigi Skin founder Xenia Wong. 

A popular skin booster in South Korea, exosomes, are tiny vesicles containing amino acids, proteins, lipids, peptides and growth factors that repair and renew cells in skin. They are also great for addressing irritation and flare-ups. 

Introduce vitamin C gradually 

As with any vitamin C skincare, start by introducing one to two pumps of Daylight Oasis into your routine about three times a week before working up your tolerance gradually. If you’re using it in the daytime, sunscreen is non-negotiable due to the increased photosensitivity. 

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