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If you haven’t heard about skincare brand MDNA, well, you’re about to.

Firstly, what you need to know is that it is Madonna’s skincare brand. Yep, the famous perfectionist who never seems to age has a skincare line that is now launching in Singapore. Wouldn’t you want to get your hands on the stuff she personally developed and also uses for herself? MDNA is a collaboration between two powerhouse names – Madonna and MTG, a Japanese beauty company that’s known for product innovation and technical expertise. (It is the brand that makes ReFa facial rollers.) MDNA is already available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and America, and will be available in Singapore at Takashimaya Department Store in mid-May.


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The 9-product skincare line is not about anti-ageing but about healthy skin and is suitable for anyone and all skin types as it offers customers the topical means to healthy skin. And the main ingredients are thermal waters from four different sources in Montecatini, a thermal spa and wellness town in Italy. These different spring waters combined makes up the brand’s M.T.PARCA Thermal Water, which promise therapeutic and restorative skin benefits, making it rejuvenated, radiant and healthy.

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The MDNA Skin collection includes the Rejuvenator set with the Chrome Clay Mask, the Rose Mist, The Serum, and the Onyx Black, a black carbon roller that emits far infrared rays. The products are priced between $70 and $940.


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Madonna’s personal facialist and an ambassador of the MDNA brand, Edyta Jerosz gave us an exclusive interview to share about the brand, and also lets us in on some of the star’s beauty secrets.


#1. What does MDNA stand for?


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It is a combination of three “Ms” – Madonna, MTG (the Japanese parent company), and Montecatini, a town in Italy which is known for its thermal waters and is considered the biggest “thermal water spa town” in Italy. The four different thermal waters from Montecatini are one of the main skin-loving ingredients in the products, which the brand calls M.T.Parca, and is proven to help skin be radiant, revitalised and the healthiest version of itself.


#2. Madonna is very involved in the development of the brand


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Madonna is a perfectionist and she is also very well-versed and knowledgeable in skincare. Despite her busy schedule and constant traveling, she frequently has meetings with the brand people to discuss and align on new products and brand strategy. She is sent every product to test and approve before it is launched. And for example, over 50 prototypes of the MDNA Rose Mist was sent to her before to tweak and refine before she gave the green light.


#3. Does she really use all the products?


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Absolutely she does. She has a bottle of the Rose Mist in every room of her house and she loves the Super Hyaluronic Serum everywhere, not only on her face but all over her body. She is regimental about end-of-day cleansing, she takes no shortcuts in her skincare routine, and hydration is super important to her. And she loves having a facial with the products, and like everyone else, she really enjoys facial massages. Whenever she needs me to do her facial, I will fly to wherever she is in the world.


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