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Sigi Skin

A firm believer of “skincare doesn’t have to be complicated”, Sigi Skin founder Xenia Wong might be young (she’s in her mid 20s) but she already knows that what women really want is healthy, happy skin. 

The result is her Singapore-born beauty brand, which launched in 2018. It offers well-curated, pared-down skincare products that help busy women tackle skin problems caused by urban pollution and a hectic lifestyle. 

Having been let down by products that didn’t deliver on their promise, Wong made sure that Sigi Skin products are packed with effective ingredients that deliver results. Plus, each product is a hardworking, multi-tasker that offers multiple benefits to address your skincare concerns. 

Two years on, we check in with Wong to get reacquainted with the brand and learn more about its newest addition. 

It wants to make your skin happy again

According to Wong, Sigi Skin is all about getting skin healthy, smooth, balanced and glowing. And to do that, the brand launched with just three basic but essential products — cleanser, sunscreen and eye care. Last year, in response to customers’ feedback, Sigi Skin added an essence mist.

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The brand’s Morning Glow SPF50/PA++++ ($58), its first product, is its star. It’s a 100 per cent physical sunscreen that protects against UV rays. It also contains avocado and acai extracts to nourish skin. In fact, if your skin isn’t too dry, you can skip moisturiser as Morning Glow is hydrating enough for oily or combination skin.

Of the launches that came after, Sigi Skin Kaleanser ($38) has become a hot fave. It works as both a facial cleanser and a makeup remover. The gel texture glides smoothly over skin and is easily rinsed off, leaving skin feeling soft and fresh. 

“The Kaleanser was tested on my friend who has very sensitive eczema-prone skin. It’s now her favourite and the only cleanser she uses!” Wong says.

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Pink Nectar ($62) is a lightweight eye serum formulated with our tropical weather in mind. “Many people had previously expressed that the consistency of eye creams (in the market) were not suitable for Singapore’s climate”.

The eye serum is lightweight yet potent, containing the moisture magnet hyaluronic acid in five different molecular weights. This means the delicate eye area receives hydration from the skin surface to deep within. The formula also contains peach extracts, vitamin E and niacinamide, which protect and brighten the eye contours.

Sigi Skin Pink Nectar can also be used as an intensive eye treatment. Just apply a thicker layer, leave on for 10 minutes and wipe off with a cotton pad. Pink Nectar also doubles as a lip mask to instantly hydrate and soothe. Apply a thick layer on the lips, wait for 10 minutes then dab off with a tissue.

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Another product that came about from customer feedback was Sigi Skin Dew Potion ($48). They wanted an essence that would not irritate the skin and Xenia and her team created a waterless product made from 100 per cent natural extracts that hydrates, refreshes skin and protects it against pollution damage. 

Making sure the product lives up to its claims

Wong says it’s important that the Sigi Skin team doesn’t compromise on product quality — even if it means re-working the formulation until it’s perfect. Take Morning Glow, for example – it took 60 trials to finalise.   

We wanted the formulation to be a physical sunscreen that is also safe for pregnant women, kids and those with sensitive skin. 

Xenia Wong

“Most physical sunscreens in the market are very greasy, heavy and leave a thick white cast. But we wanted a physical sunscreen that was lightweight, non-greasy and that leaves no white cast. We think Morning Glow ticks all those boxes.”

Keeping prices affordable is another important factor for Wong. While Dew Potion incurs high production costs with its 100 per cent natural formula, it still carries a reasonable price tag because Wong wants everyone to be able to have a healthy, smooth, balanced and glowing complexion. 

It already has a celebrity fan

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin (he’s Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s long-time friend and makeup artist) loves Sigi Skin. In an interview, he raved about how Morning Glory is his new favourite sunscreen, thanks to its comfortable and lightweight texture in an interview. 

Martin found the brand all by himself — Wong says she has never reached out to him. “I didn’t know about it at all! I only found out when I saw orders coming in from the US one day, and looked at the backlinks. 

“It’s considered a personal victory as I know that he does not like sunscreens, and to actually love Morning Glow means we are coming up with great formulations.”

Sigi Skin wants you to sleep well in 2020

Aptly named Dream Capsule ($82), the newest addition to the Sigi Skin line is an overnight mask that promises to repair your skin as you sleep.

With its silky, air-whipped texture, Wong says it is the ultimate antioxidant smoothie for skin, repairing and nourishing it through the night. It is enriched with four highly potent and effective key ingredients — bakuchoi (the plant alternative to retinol), purslane, niacinamide and squalene, to target multiple signs of ageing such as dullness, lack of firmness, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and dehydration. 

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