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Despite their dry summers and long, cold winters, the Swedish somehow, still manage to rock flawless, porcelain skin. Genetics aside (everyone knows that they are a nation of beautiful people), we think we have discovered one of the secrets to their healthy and radiant complexions, despite the harsh environmental conditions of Scandinavia: intensive hydration through low molecular hyaluronic acid. Let us explain.

The importance of hyaluronic acid

We’ve always known that moisture is key to happy and healthy skin, which is why ingredients like hyaluronic acid are commonly found in your serums and moisturisers. This is because it has an impressive ability to retain moisture – up to 1000 times its weight, in fact. How well your skin repairs itself is directly dependent on the levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin, as it also plays a vital role in metabolic processes like cell synthesis. Unfortunately, these levels drastically decline as we age, leaving skin more susceptible to toxins and environmental aggressors. This is why it is crucial that your anti-aging and hydrating formulas contain hyaluronic acid.

However, the problem with conventional hyaluronic acid is that the molecules are usually 3000 nanometers in diameter, where the intercellular space on your skin is only around 100 nanometers. This makes it impossible for conventional hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin.

Prive Aesthetics meets CLINICCARE

Which is why we’re so excited for this latest collaboration. Pairing up with Cliniccare, a renowned cosmeceutical brand hailing from the land of gorgeous people, Prive Aesthetics will be the only partner in Singapore selected to carry their line of products; exclusive formulas that feature a version of hyaluronic acid that has been condensed to a significantly lower molecular structure at just 5 nanomenters wide. This means your skin will be able to absorb every last bit of goodness; effectively hydrating and replenishing your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels right down to the deepest layers of your skin.

Restore, reactive and regenerate your skin
Offering not 1 but 2 different treatments depending on your skin concerns, you can achieve immediate and long-lasting results in just 90 minutes. These treatments are non-invasive and have zero downtime, making them perfect for a lunchtime or pre-event pick-me-up. PS: both ultra-pampering treatments include a facial massage too, and are completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Cliniccare Hydra Booster Facetherapy ($228 1st trial)
If your sensitive, stressed out and dehydrated skin just won’t glow up despite all the serums and essences you pile on daily, then this treatment is for you. Designed to rejuvenate your skin from inside-out, the Hydra Booster Facetherapy treatment utilises pharmaceutical-grade low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins, a host of powerful antioxidants, peptides and other actives to dramatically improve your skin’s health and appearance, leaving you with that glass-skinned smoothness you know you’ve been coveting.
Cliniccare Hydra Firm Facetherapy ($228 1st trial)
If signs of premature ageing and a dull, uneven skin tone are your causes for concern, then opt for their Hydra Firm Facetherapy treatment instead. Powerful antioxidants and pharmaceutical grade low molecular weight hyaluronic acid work to replenish lost moisture while anti-ageing lifting serums and masks waken skin and accelerates cell renewal. Broken skin structures are repaired, resulting in firm, lifted and super hydrated skin.

Both treatments end with a mask customised just for your skin to ensure you leave absolutely glowing.

Call Prive Aesthetics at +65 9656 5380 or email to enjoy your first trial price for either treatments. Outlets are located at Palais Renaissance and NEX.