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Skincare companies used to market their products with lofty, nigh-impossible claims. Now, they pepper their ads with lists of impressive-sounding ingredients. But the thing is, sometimes it’s less about what’s inside a product and more about how that product is formulated.

What’s the point of slathering on layers of expensive serums if they simply cannot penetrate the skin and work effectively? Here’s where the new ORBIS U range comes in. Created by Japanese skincare brand ORBIS, it promises to change the way you hydrate your skin by working on a cellular level.

Developed by a team of Japanese scientists, the oil-free ORBIS U range offers a minimalist approach to skincare by laying down the foundation of good skin: adequate hydration, starting from the skin cells. Without ample hydration, there’s only so much that fancy serums and creams can do to improve your skin.

Consisting of three products – a rich cleanser, a jelly lotion and a souffle-textured moisturiser – the range starts by targeting and hydrating your skin from within the cells. The star ingredient of the range is called Key Porin Booster. Made from a blend of eelgrass, peach leaf and cornflower extract, it is formulated to increase the number of aquaporins (water channels) in our skin cells.

Aquaporins are present in a variety of human, animal, plant, fungi and bacteria cells. Their main function is to transport water between cells. As you age and are more exposed to environmental pollutants, the number of aquaporins in your skin cells will naturally decrease, causing the cells to shrink and weaken. However, it is possible to revitalise the cells by increasing the aquaporins.

Studies done by ORBIS have shown that by increasing the number of aquaporins, thus adding moisture to cells, the skin cells grow in size by 20 per cent. The increased circulation of moisture in and out of the cells throughout all layers of the skin gives your skin a plumper, firmer and more radiant appearance with regular use of products containing Key Porin Booster. Besides providing heavy-hitting hydration, the botanical booster also soothes skin and infuses it with antioxidants, fighting the effects of free radicals and pollution.

A three-month survey that ORBIS conducted in Japan found that ORBIS U users noticed plumper, brighter and more radiant skin, as well as a reduction in the appearance of their pores. The good thing about the ORBIS U range is that it has only three products, yet they work together holistically to provide results.

If you are constantly pressed for time and don’t want to pursue a lengthy, complicated skincare routine, consider trying this range for the intense hydration it provides, as this is a good foundation for glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Orbis U: Minimalist Japanese skincare range that transform how you hydrate skin cells

Start with ORBIS U Wash, a Moroccan lava clay-infused cleanser that sweeps grease and grime away without irritating your skin. The cleanser leaves behind a layer of humectants designed to prep your skin and enhance absorption of the product you should use as the next step in your routine: the ORBIS U Lotion.

This lotion contains PEG-75, a humectant that helps attract and bind moisture to the skin, and propanediol, which moisturises and boosts the absorption of other ingredients. The combination of PEG-75 and propanediol gives the ORBIS U Lotion a jelly-like texture that instantly melts into a burst of refreshing liquid upon contact with your skin. This seals in the goodness of the Key Porin Booster and protects your skin with a lightweight veil of moisture.

It also contains linden flower extract, which provides an additional dose of antioxidants to fight free radicals from UV rays and polluted air. To get the most out of the ORBIS U Lotion, apply it with your palms and gently press the lotion into your skin for five seconds. Finally, finish with ORBIS U Moisture. This has a unique souffle-like texture inspired by cheesecake, and it also has oat kernel extract to soothe skin and lock in moisture.

Orbis U: Minimalist Japanese skincare range that transform how you hydrate skin cells

As someone with dehydrated but oily skin, I was thoroughly impressed by the simple but effective range. The packaging is sleek, minimalist, and simply exudes a Japanese sensibility. According to the brand, the lids of the lotion and moisturiser are designed to let you lay the products on their side and tuck them away in a drawer if your bathroom counter is too full.

Their looks aside, I also appreciated how the products worked with my skin. The clay-infused cleanser produced a rich, creamy lather, and I was rather worried about it stripping my skin of moisture, but using it put my fears to rest. While my skin did feel a little tight after cleansing (I do have dehydrated skin, after all), I didn’t experience any stinging or irritation – a hallmark of harsh cleansers.

Orbis U: Minimalist Japanese skincare range that transform how you hydrate skin cells

The jelly lotion was a joy to apply, and my skin absorbed it almost instantly. It left my face feeling soft, smooth and, most importantly, clean. That last bit was particularly crucial to me – many products on the market claim to sink into the skin completely, but more often than not, they leave a tacky and almost-greasy layer that don’t sit quite right with me.

To seal in all the goodness, I finished with the souffle moisturiser. Since it was so lightweight, I was sceptical about its moisturising properties. However, it exceeded my expectations. The cream dried down to a satiny finish immediately after application, and then to nothing once I left it to be absorbed for another five minutes. The next morning, I woke up to calm and fairly plump skin – a near miracle, considering the fact that I only managed to clock five hours of sleep.

All the three products in this range are formulated without oils, drying alcohols and artificial fragrances, so the chances of skin irritation are kept to a minimum.

Orbis Loves You

Want to give the range a try? ORBIS U will be available from June 21, 2019 at ORBIS in Takashimaya S.C. and, Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Centrepoint (M Beauty), Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty), and selected Sasa stores.

From June 21 to July 18, 2019, receive a free 100 per cent organic cotton antibacterial towel with every purchase of the three-step ORBIS U skincare range, exclusively at ORBIS in Takashimaya S.C. and the ORBIS online store.