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Fact: Everyone can benefit from using a brightening skincare product – and it’s not because you want to lighten your skin. Instead of changing the natural skin tone you were born with, brightening skincare products focus on evening out your skin’s texture and tone. 

How does brightening skincare work? The products gently slough off dead skin cells that make your complexion look dull, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and hydrate the skin. The result is a clearer and smoother complexion. When skin is smooth, it’s better able to reflect light, which, in turn, makes your complexion look healthy and radiant. 

Here’s why everyone should be adding brightening skincare products to their beauty routine.

Reason #1: Late nights & work stress = dull skin

You might have noticed that your complexion doesn’t look as radiant as it used to. Late nights and work stress, coupled with age, can cause your skin to look tired and lacklustre. 

If you’re not getting enough sleep, then your skin isn’t getting enough skin-repair time. That’s one of the reasons why you wake up to a less-than-glowing complexion. 

And then there’s your stress level. Ever noticed how your complexion looks dry, rough and sallow when you’re undergoing periods of stress?  

Reason #2: Those dark spots (even when you use sunscreen every day)

You’ve been applying sunscreen regularly yet you still notice the appearance of sunspots and freckles. So what gives?  

You’re probably not using enough sunscreen each time, and the sun protection factor (SPF) might be too low. You may also not be reapplying sunscreen throughout the day – sunscreen actives naturally break down under sunlight, and the protective properties diminish accordingly.  

For a holistic skincare routine to keep your skin looking even and radiant, a brightening skincare range can help reduce existing dark spots, even as your sunscreen helps prevent future spots from forming.

Reason #3: Your post-acne marks just won’t go away  

Post-acne marks – those dark spots that are telltale signs of old pimples – are the result of your skin’s response to two things: the inflammation caused by the zit, and your squeezing that zit to get it to disappear faster.

Melanin production is simply part of your skin’s response to that irritation and inflammation, which explains the post-acne mark you get after the pimple goes away. These marks are like any other pigmentation spot, and using brightening skincare products can help lighten their appearance for an even complexion.

What you need to know about Neutrogena Bright Boost

Did you know that the Neutrogena Bright Boost range is a result of a global collaboration among four young Neutrogena women scientists –  from the US, France, Brazil and Singapore – who were looking for a solution to address their dull complexions?

These scientists, who live in different parts of the world, and have different ambitions, lifestyles and genetic makeup, all wanted the same thing for their skin: evenness, luminosity and clarity. Their resulting masterpiece is the Neutrogena Bright Boost range, which not only restores skin’s luminosity, but also meets the diverse needs of all skin types across different environments, be it in tropical Singapore or the deserts of California.   

The star skin-brightening ingredient is neoglucosamine. This new amino sugar fights skin dullness to reveal a clearer and more luminous complexion in three ways: 

Resurfacing: It boosts skin cell turnover by 10 times1, which in turn accelerates the skin’s renewal process by loosening and gently sloughing off dead skin cells.

Evening skin tone: It disrupts excess melanin production by up to 60 per cent2 to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Hydrating: As a building block of hyaluronic acid, neoglucosamine not only hydrates the skin, but also plumps it from within, acting like a natural skin filler to reduce the appearance of fine lines.  

The result is smooth, supple and radiant skin in just seven days3

Your Neutrogena Bright Boost skincare routine  

Neutrogena Bright Boost Retexturizing Serum, $29.90

Power-packed with turmeric extract and a high concentration of neoglucosamine, it disrupts excess melanin production while boosting skin’s metabolism to brighten a dull complexion, and improve skin tone, texture and clarity. 

Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream, $27.90

Best for day-time use, this gel-cream contains neoglucosamine, along with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), PHA (poly-hydroxy acid) and mandelic acid, to gently slough off dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and more even complexion in seven days. Pair it with the serum to see an increase in skin’s radiance by three times4.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Overnight Cream, $33.90

Wake up to a luminous complexion. Infused with hyaluronic acid and recytein, this nourishing moisturiser recharges skin’s moisture levels and reduces its uneven tone while you sleep.

Get the Neutrogena Bright Boost range today

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1 – Based on a test using Neutrogena products containing NAG, after 24-hours usage.
2 – Based on in vitro test results. 
3 – Individual results may vary.
4 – Based on the product formula, the combined skin illuminating ingredients in Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream and Bright Boost Retexturizing Serum is three times more than that of Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream alone. 

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