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‘Natural beauty’ has been a big buzzword in the world of beauty over the last few years, and while we know K-Beauty for their fun rubber masks, intensive 10-step regime and trends like ‘glass skin’, we haven’t heard as much emphasis on all-natural skincare and beauty from that side of the pond – until now.

As some of the most fastidious consumers of beauty products in the world (if you’ve ever walked around Seoul’s shopping districts, you’ve probably been just as overwhelmed as we’ve been at the sheer amount of beauty and personal care stores), it comes as no surprise that there is a growing emphasis on stripping away nasty ingredients like parabens, fragrances and artificial preservatives from skincare. Korean women are demanding products that are not just completely safe for their skin, but are also eco-friendly. This demand has created not only beauty apps that meticulously lists and audits the safety of ingredients in every K-beauty product, but has also put a spotlight on lesser-known labels with a strong emphasis on natural, healthy beauty.

We don’t know about you, but we’re cleaning up our K-beauty shelves with these 5 lesser-known labels that are not just all-natural, but also effective for Asian skin.

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