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The most hydrating serums for dehydrated skin

The most hydrating serums for dehydrated skin

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We all have those days where we hit the point of no-dry-skin-return. It may be from frolicking a little too much at the beach, or from putting your skin through Narnia-cold air conditioning. Either way, when your skin’s being stripped of excessive moisture, it’s going to feel taut, parched, and sometimes flaky.

You’ll realise that your makeup might go on patchy, or might not last as long as it should. That’s likely because your skin’s dehydrated. And when moisturisers don’t seem to be able to quench that thirst, it’s time you incorporated a hydrating serum in your skincare routine.

Packed with all sorts of hydrating ingredients (a main player being hyaluronic acid), serums are great as an extra layer of nourishment before you slather on your moisturiser. Think of it as that extra glass of water your body needs – these work the same for your skin.

Ahead, our favourite hydrating serums: