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Not to be mistaken for the dewy “chok chok” skin trend, the newest k-beauty “glass skin” trend, as the name suggest, refers to skin that looks clear, clean, poreless, translucent and luminous, just like a pane of glass. This trend is very much sought-after because it is a sign of youthfulness, one of the most desired qualities in Korea.


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As we all know Korean women take pride in their skincare and beauty regime – so don’t expect to achieve this look overnight. Contrary to popular notion, attaining that coveted smooth and translucent texture takes more than a hydrating sheet mask or layering your toner. It requires a consistent skincare regime.

According to Julyen Loo, the Lead Makeup Artist and Training Officer at NARS Singapore, achieving that glass-like gleaming shine involves exfoliating your skin at least once a week to slough off any dead skin cells before following up with toner, serum and moisturiser. He also recommends using a hydrating mask once a week to get that coveted look.

Aside from harnessing the powers of skincare to get you closer to your best polished self, if you’re feeling a little impatient, Julyen recommends crafting the healthy glass effect by applying primer (NARS Radiance Primer, SS$66) on the highest planes of your cheeks and forehead and topping it off with a cushion foundation (NARS Aqua Glow Cushion, S$68).

Before you jump on the “glassy” bandwagon, Julyen warns that “Singapore’s climate is too humid for such trend. It will definitely not work for ladies with combination to oily skin – they require makeup products that are more matte and skincare products with oil control such as the NARS Aqua Gel Oil-Free Moisturizer (S$60)”. He added that, “Instead of just “blindly” following the trend, it is best for ladies to understand their own skin type first. Basic skin care is crucial to achieving good complexion. When it comes to makeup, it’s all about being light-handed in the application and not going too heavy on the foundation and powder. That also applies to highlighters on skin – less is more”.

While this trend is not for everyone, a healthy complexion never goes out of style. By adhering to a consistent skincare regime that is suitable for your skin type, you will be on your way to smoother and younger looking skin.

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