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Get jiggy with it
Here’s the thing. You’re far from morbidly obese – no potentially risky gastric band surgery for you! – and yet that annoying little muffin top seems stubbornly impervious to all the sit-ups and sweating you’re putting yourself through at the gym. #SadSmiley
So what happens when your bulges refuse to budge? You may want to consider checking out the Vanquish ME (Maximum Energy) procedure. In a nutshell, this FDA-approved treatment directs radiofrequency energy to selected spots on your body, training the energy on these regions to destroy fat cells – and get this, without contacting your skin to boot. 
How it works and what you can expect
What are you in for? For starters, this is a legit lunchtime fix – each session at the DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic should take you no more than 45 minutes, tops. You’ll be invited by the friendly folks at the clinic to lie down under an adjustable panel spanning the width of your tummy. 
This contactless panel is a marvel of technology, emitting radiofrequency to gently but effectively warm up the area to be treated without touching your skin and causing needless discomfort or damage to the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. Instead, the heat zeroes in on the fat pockets, causing adipose tissue to “melt” off and be eliminated via your body’s natural detoxification process. (Useful tip: You should load up on H20 and be properly hydrated about two days before and after the treatment, as this is said to aid the device in “ID-ing” the fat cells and subsequently, for your body to flush out the waste by-products more efficiently.)
That all sounds well and good, but we know what you’re thinking: Does it hurt? Short answer: Hardly. Instead, most patients report feeling a warm and not uncomfortable sensation akin to placing a heating pad on your body. Even better, there is little to no downtime; you may notice a little postprocedural redness around the treated area for about one hour or so, but you can head straight back to the office or wherever you intend to go to immediately after dressing up. Absolutely no-one will know you’ve had “work” done!
Oh yeah, one more thing. Because the Vanquish ME panel holds the distinction of being what is said to be the largest spot treatment device currently available on the market, you’re able to target just about all the stubborn spots on your body: Think love handles and the entire tummy if you wish, plus thighs, arms and back. As for efficacy, results are said to be noticeable within four to six sessions, with many patients at DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic observing a visible change after their fourth treatment.
Contour your curves and tighten saggy skin at the same time
And because getting the bangin’ bod of your dreams includes firming up any saggy skin, consider DRx’s custom contouring programme, which throws in six sessions of Vanquish ME plus four sessions of a skin tightening treatment for maximum fat reduction and improvement in skin laxity. This tailored treatment kicks off with a priming session of X-wave therapy, which uses powerful acoustic pulses to jumpstart blood circulation in the area being treated. 
You’ll enjoy a follow-up radiofrequency skin tightening treatment after completion of six Vanquish ME sessions to firm up loose skin; this also has the bonus benefit of ironing out any kinks in texture for a smoother, less aged appearance. Cheers to a leaner, less lumpy body!
Intrigued and want to find out more? The Body Beautiful Programme, inclusive of six sessions of Vanquish ME and four skin tightening treatments, starts from S$3,852 (inclusive of GST), depending on the treatment area. It is available at the DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic located at 302 Orchard Road, #16-01 Tong Building, Singapore 238862.Contact number 6733 1555 .