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Award: Best Serum for Maskne – Readers’ Choice (Department/Speciality Store)

The Winner: Skin Inc My Daily Dose® of Armour 

Suit up against breakouts, excess sebum and skin sensitivity with the Skin Inc My Daily Dose® of Armour serum. 

Acne, oily skin and enlarged pores are some of the common skin concerns among Singapore women. And with mandatory mask-wear, these skin woes have become increasingly prevalent. 

To combat these skin issues, Skin Inc uses a trio of key actives – vitamin B3+, ceramides and liquorice – in its My Daily Dose® of Armour serum.

Vitamin B3+, which is a combination of vitamin B3 and pro-vitamin B5, helps clear clogged pores and control excess sebum production to restore skin’s balance and keep the complexion clear. 

Ceramides (not one, but four different types) strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function to protect against external aggressors like pollution, while hydrating it from within. 

And finally, liquorice, with its anti-inflammatory properties, calms skin while reducing irritation and sensitivity.

Unlike other anti-blemish products that may dry out skin, My Daily Dose® of Armour has a glycerine base that attracts moisture, keeping skin well-hydrated, smooth and supple. 

Plus, the brand’s Proprietary Encapsulation Technology ensures that the active ingredients are protected against exposure to light and oxidation. Just like armour, the capsules keep the actives stable, releasing them only upon contact with skin, for optimal results at every use. 

The promise: a clear, healthy and strong complexion. 

What happened when we tried it

The water-light texture left our skin feeling soft and supple, never heavy, making it perfect for Singapore’s humidity. It also gave an instant soothing effect when we applied it on our sensitive skin that was a little flushed and irritated on a particularly hot day. 

After a week or two, we noticed that skin looked clearer and smoother. Even the odd pimple was quickly subdued and didn’t appear as red as it would have. But most importantly, this skin-soothing, anti-maskne serum never left our skin dry, unlike other blemish-fighting products we’ve tried. 

To maximise the results, Skin Inc recommends pairing My Daily Dose® of Armour with its Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ device. Our tip: Use the blue LED light therapy as it’s meant to address breakouts with its antimicrobial properties.

Bonus: We liked that we could share this skin-soothing serum with our significant other, as men are equally prone to breakouts, excess sebum and redness from regular shaving. 

Skin Inc My Daily Dose® of Armour is priced at $98, and is available at Skin Inc Concept Stores, Sephora stores, and the Skin Inc Official Store on Lazada.

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