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We all know first impressions matter, and putting our best face forward is paramount. But the stress is real – the slightest signs of ageing and dehydration show up mercilessly on our faces, and it’s always an uphill battle being in tip-top condition.

Thank goodness for science and technology, though. You’ll be happy to know that constantly glowing and hydrated skin is no longer a far-fetched dream with Prive Aesthetics’ newly launched Calecim Youth Restore Facetherapy, which directly plumps your skin from below the skin surface. The result? A more resilient skin structure with increased elasticity and firmness (our favourite keywords, definitely).

Your skin is in for a huge treat with an exclusive cocktail of brightening antioxidants and growth factors from CALECIM® Professional’s rejuvenating conditioned media, derived from umbilical cord lining extract. This scientifically recognised stem cell technology works by sending “youth messages” deep into the dermal layers to rejuvenate and renew, paving the way for naturally plump, glowing and luminous skin.

Another key ingredient in the Calecim Youth Restore Facetherapy cocktail is Vitamin C, which helps brighten and whiten skin by inhibiting the formation of melanin, preventing pigmentation.

There’s also DMAE, an active ingredient that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps prevent premature ageing of the skin.

All it takes is Calecim Youth Restore Facetherapy cocktail into the dermis to get a 5-in-1 approach (hydrating, anti-aging, skin regenerating, lifting and brightening) to improved skin. Enjoy a 60-minute Calecim Youth Restore Facetherapy treatment at $380 for your face and neck. Simple, right?