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su:m37’s latest Water-full Radiant line

Think back to this morning, immediately after you washed your face. Chances are, your skin looked soft, ultra dewy and glowing with a natural radiance that no amount of makeup can ever hope to achieve. This is because at this point, your skin is pumped full of moisture, and is at its most hydrated. Unfortunately, this radiance tends to fade as the day wears on, because our skin loses moisture through both natural physiological processes and environmental aggressors such as UV exposure, air pollution and air conditioning.

So the question is, how do you retain that plump, glass-skin appearance? Naturally, it is the Koreans (the very same people who came up with the trend in the first place) who have the answers.

Enter su:m37’s latest Water-full Radiant line, a complete skincare regime created to intensely hydrate and brighten your skin. This prestigious K-beauty brand is known for incorporating traditional, natural fermentation methods in the development of their products that help enhance the skin’s natural healing power, allowing you to achieve that crystal-clear, glowing skin from deep within.


3 star ingredients

su:m37’s latest Water-full Radiant line

The new Water-full Radiant line targets the 3 main aspect to glowing skin: moisture, radiance and elasticity by utilising their 3 trademarked ingredients. Aqua Ferm provides intense hydration by activating Aquaporin cells, a moisture protein found in our skin cells. It controls the moisture pathways between the skin’s layers, and when activated, keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. Aqua Light, containing truffle-derived yeast extract and other medicinal herbs helps to bring out the natural radiance in your skin by suppressing melanin production and finally, Poria Light, extracted from the wild herb Poria, plumps and firms your skin cells, allowing your skin to better reflect light for a truly radiant complexion sans highlighter.


5 simple steps   

su:m37’s latest Water-full Radiant line

su:m37 understands that not all of us have the time to indulge in the famous 12-step K-skincare regime to achieve a glowing complexion, which is why we’re so grateful their Water-full Radiance line requires just half the number of steps to achieve the same results.

Step 1: Hydrating Glow Toner ($80 for 150ml)

Hydrating Glow Toner ($80 for 150ml)

Prime your skin for the day (and rest of the products) with the first step in the regime, the Hydrating Glow Toner. It delivers a dose of instant hydration with a cooling effect while enhancing your skin’s clarity.

Step 2: Secret Essence ($108 for 80ml)

The next 2 steps are the ‘treatment’ phase of your skincare regime, and kicks off with the Secret Essence. It is su:m37’s best-seller; containing powerful antioxidants that help halt the signs of ageing and improves your skin’s texture in just 2 weeks. The ultra hydrating formula also helps to protect against external stressors and pollution, and over time, improves your skin’s tone, brilliance, firmness, and texture.

Step 3: Hydrating Glow Serum ($160 for 50ml)

Hydrating Glow Serum ($50 for 160ml)

The next step in the treatment phase, serums are a crucial in your skincare regime as they deliver potent actives and nutrients to your skin, while helping to seal in the actives from your essence. This third step recharges your skin with intense hydration, leading to a smoother, clearer and even-toned complexion over time. PS: studies have shown that after 4 weeks of use, skin’s luminosity improves by 100% and hydration levels by 91%.

Step 4: Hydrating Glow Emulsion for day ($86 for 120ml) and Hydrating Glow Cream for night ($178 for 50ml)

Hydrating Glow Emulsion for day ($86 for 120ml) and Hydrating Glow Cream for night (78 for 50ml)

Now it’s time to lock in all that goodness with a moisturiser. During the day, we recommend the Glow Emulsion, a lightweight formula that restores your skin’s overall clarity and radiance, while delivering added moisture without any stickiness (perfect for our humid climates). At night, switch to their richer Glow Cream – especially if you sleep in an air conditioned room! This cream helps to deeply hydrate, strengthening your skin’s protective barrier and ensuring that moisture loss is reduced with consistent use.

Step 5: Hydrating Glow Sheet Mask ($135 for 10 sheets)

Hydrating Glow Sheet Mask (35 for 10 sheets)

Finally, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of masking! Not only is it a great way to de-stress after a long day, masks also help to lock in all the actives you’ve been applying in the above steps. The Glow Sheet Mask is a multi-functional premium sheet mask that hydrates, brightens and whitens using a unique ‘double-layered’ design concept, so it sits on your face comfortably. Why just Netflix and Chill when you can Netflix and Mask?


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Get your glow on and explore su:m37’s brand new Water-full Radiant Line at all su:m37 counters in TANGS at Tang Plaza, Vivocity and Isetan Tampines.