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If you’re wondering why your skincare isn’t delivering the results it promised, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the situation because that’s pretty much akin to taking health supplements without feeling any better for it. Why waste your time and money?

One surefire way to pick the right skincare? Zoom in to a skincare brand that is known for its efficacy and potent formulations like 111Skin. It is a luxury skincare brand that was developed by a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, which combines his surgical and skin reparative expertise with innovative formulations. In fact, it was originally created to help patients’ skin heal faster and better after surgery.

The brand’s hardworking products not only deliver results but also manages to be luxurious with plush textures and instantaneous results, and that seems to be the winning combination, making the brand a hit with anyone who has tried it.

And if you want to start trying some products from 111Skin, you might want to launch into the range of skin transforming masks. The brand has five different masks available, each developed for specific purposes and with hi-tech ingredients or delivery systems. Just read on to find the mask your skin needs.

The Standout Innovation: Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask, $198 for 4 pieces

For unrivalled anti-ageing results, this innovative game-changing mask employs self-dissolving micro-structure technology that dissolves into skin to effectively deliver potent ingredients into skin for optimal smoothing benefits. It is inspired by mesotherapy treatments but instead of needle jabs, the ingredients (95.5% hyaluronic acid and 4.5% vitamin C) simply melt into the skin in 120 minutes. And what you get is instantly plumper skin texture with smoothed out lines. These patches can be used on specific areas that need wrinkle-smoothing like around the eyes, on the forehead or around the mouth to counter laugh lines.

Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask, $170 for 5 pieces

This mask delivers beneficial nutrients into the skin by utilizing Bio Cellulose technology. Originally used by specialist doctors to protect and heal severe burns, the mask adheres to the face like second skin, cooling and soothing it. The fibres of the masks are 500x finer than tissue masks, meaning it is able to lock moisture into skin while encouraging superior penetration of key actives. Packed with Liquorice Root extract to brighten, Silk Amino acids to nourish, and Centella Asiatica to increase collagen production, this bio cellulose mask cancels out signs of ageing. The cooling, slightly rubbery texture of the mask clings to the skin, soothing it by lowering the surface temperature. The key behind this mask’s effectiveness is the careful formulation that was developed to ensure that the ingredients penetrate well into the skin and work synergistically to make skin appear hydrated, brighter -looking and supple.

Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, $170 for a box of 5 pieces

This sheet face mask is a hit on Instagram because it actually looks pretty when you put it on thanks to its shiny rose gold coloured texture. Victoria’s Secret Angels Romme Strijid, Josephine Skriver and Lily Aldridge have all showed off their mask selfies on social media and of course, no sooner, this Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask is now linked to getting that heavenly skin glow. Not only does it look pretty, the mask is infused with 24K gold, damask rose extract, liquorice root extract and niacinamide to give skin a dose of nourishment to smooth, hydrate and brighten the complexion. All in just 20 minutes.

Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, $170 for a box of 5 pieces

A super luxe looking mask with its rich gold hue, but it also boasts clinically-inspired, skin-loving benefits. The crushed gold is an ingredient with antioxidant properties that jumpstarts skin’s circulation to revive its glow, reduce inflammation and also reverse skin damage like blemishes and sun spots. There’s also hydrolysed collagen and centella asiatica to protect and strengthen skin’s structure and improve its suppleness and texture. The hydrogel material of the mask is also wonderfully soothing and hydrating on the skin.

CO2 Crystallising Energy Mask, $250 for a box of 5 pairs

A powerful energising and brightening treatment mask that harnesses state-of-art Japanese crystalisation technology, the first of its kind recreated outside of clinical environment, making this mask perfect for dull complexions. It resuscitates tired skin with a combination of high-strength ingredients that create a chemical reaction – two components are mixed together to make Carbonic Acid, which drives CO2 into skin. Skin then reacts to this by over-producing oxygen, which breathes life back into the complexion, resulting in a revitalized complexion, where blood circulation is stimulated, skin appearing firmer, smoother and tighter.

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