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Every month, we speak to dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin, founder and medical director of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, for our Derm in the House series.

Dr. Teo  is the founder and medical director of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre. She is a Ministry of Health accredited dermatologist, specialising in both medical and cosmetic dermatology and has also developed her own dermatologist-grade cosmeceuticals – Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals.


Should you stay away from fried food to avoid breakouts?

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Diet and acne has been often linked to eating fried food. Recently, dermatological research has pinpointed the following three classes of food which may aggravate acne, namely sugar-rich carbohydrates, milk and dairy, as well as saturated fats. So yes, eating deep fried food doused in sugar and saturated fats is not just unhealthy and bad for your arteries, but also bad for acne-prone skin and can potentially cause breakouts.


How best to prep your skin before a party? What if I have a zit?

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Glowing, radiant skin never goes out of style. The key to getting this complexion is to maintain truly healthy, well-moisturised, blemish-free skin. My way of getting radiant glowing skin is to treat it with serums – Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C Gold are my go-to pre-makeup serums, followed by a brightening moisturising fluid like Dr TWL Radiance Fluide Emulsion, which contains brightening niacinamide and anti-ageing oligopeptides that can combat free radical damage. At the same time, it functions as a great makeup base.

If you are prone to breakouts around that time of the month, do prep early, if you have an angry zit coming out, dab some over the counter hydrocortisone cream and if it still swells up, the SOS treatment is to make an appointment to see an accredited dermatologist who will administer a steroid injection to reduce the swelling. Allow three full days to allow the swelling to settle so don’t do it right before your party.


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How to keep skin healthy and looking good when wearing makeup for long hours?

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I quote my favorite makeup artist Andrea Claire for tips on this one. She emphasises that the key to long-lasting makeup is a good primer. The science behind this is that the primer forms a barrier between the skin, its natural oils and makeup. Makeup “melts away” due to natural skin oils, causing the makeup to smudge through the course of the day, so use an oil-in-water product, which is an emulsion to provide a balanced, smooth barrier. An emulsion moisturiser is the best form of a makeup primer in humid Singapore, and also to look for active cosmeceutical ingredients like vitamins and other antioxidants to care for the skin.


What skincare do I need after a late night out?

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I advocate double cleansing, thoroughly removing makeup with a cream-based emulsion, such as Dr TWL Le Lait Milk Cleanser, and then emulsifying and washing with the Miel Honey Cleanser, which uses medical grade honey as a natural emulsifier, and  gets the residual grime, bacteria and dirt off in a foamy cleanse without stripping skin dry.

When skin is thoroughly cleansed, it’s primed to absorb the goodies that skincare has to offer. Use a nourishing serum or concentrate, an eye cream and a face cream. Pick ones which contain potent oligopeptides and powerful antioxidants to protect and nourish skin.


Derm in the House: 

Everything you want to know about your skin and skincare regime. We talk to accredited dermatologists to address A-Z topics about skin concerns most women have. 

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