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Cle de Peau Beaute ambassadors

In today’s volatile and uncertain world, beauty brands are going beyond just helping you to look good, with many using their platforms to effect social change.

One such brand trailblazing this conversation is Japanese beauty giant Cle de Peau Beaute, which recently pledged US$8.7 million (S$11.7 million) in support of Unicef’s Gender Equality programme, an initiative that connects 6.5 million girls around the world with platforms that promote education, empowerment and employment.

The Shiseido-owned outfit, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, has been committed to uplifting and empowering women. Since 2019, the brand has been honouring inspirational women who have made great strides in improving the lives of girls through education with its annual Power of Radiance Awards.

With hope that consumers will be able to further relate to their brand philosophy and mission, the Japanese cosmetics pioneer has unveiled its new global ambassadors, actresses Dakota Fanning, Ella Balinska and Diana Silvers – empowered, confident and socially conscious personalities who are “truly representative of today’s women”, according to chief brand officer Mizuki Hashimoto.

During an exclusive virtual meet-and-greet session, Charlie’s Angels star Balinska tells Her World just how much she resonates with the brand.

ella balinska

“I am so honoured because it’s Cle de Peau. It’s also the work that they do that a lot of people don’t even know about – all the female empowerment, women’s education, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), which makes my heart sing because I’m a huge education dork.”

Adds Booksmart actress Silvers: “I’m hoping to inspire other women to go after what they want in life [and continue] to spread positivity and radiance.”

diana silvers

Ripley star Fanning says: “It’s an honour, not just to be asked to represent such a distinguished brand, but also to take on this role with incredible women like Ella and Diana. They are both such talented artistes in such distinct ways, and that’s something about Cle de Peau Beaute that really speaks to me. It’s all about embracing your unique strengths and radiance.”

dakota fanning

As part of their new gig, the trio starred in their first campaign shot by veteran photographer Cliff Watts in January. Here, we caught up with the stars to chat about their beauty muses and routines.


Ella Balinska (EB): “I am really trying to be my own inspiration. I am trying to wake up in the morning and, whether I am failing or winning, try and really be the best self that I can be.”

Diana Silvers (DS): “There is a cohort of female artists, whether they are writers, musicians or photographers, whom I really look up to. I just finished reading The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. She is one of my favourite authors. Also, my mum [who is an architect], always. And [singer-songwriter] Joni Mitchell. She is very insightful, and very raw and authentic, like a voice of many generations.”

Dakota Fanning (DF): “Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn for timeless classic icons. And a more modern icon for me is actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.”


EB: “Stay hydrated! The first and last thing that you should consume on any given day is water. I stand by that. Always wear sunscreen. It’s very important to protect our precious skin from those evil UV rays. What I do with this product [Hydro-Softening Lotion] is put a spray cap on and use it as a face mist. You know how your makeup looks really ‘nice’ after a couple of hours? Spray this on midday or when you need a touch-up, and it just gets your makeup back to that state.”

DS: “Cream blush. You can put it on your lips, cheeks and eyelids. It’s the perfect thing to take with you everywhere.”

DF: “Cle de Peau Beaute’s lipsticks make it so easy to change up a look. I tend to lean a little more towards classic with my style, so I reach for Lipstick Matte in Splendorous #114 for my everyday look, but Legend of Rouge #103 is my go-to when I want to add something unexpected. It goes with everything and never disappoints.”


DS: “In the morning, I like to use something gentle, like Cle de Peau Beaute’s Clarifying Cleansing Foam. Then, I’ll use The Serum to keep my skin dewy and fresh. Next, I’ll use the Hydro Softening Lotion to lock in the moisture from The Serum. Finally, I’ll apply sunscreen. I can’t leave the house without Cle de Peau Beaute’s Protective Fortifying Emulsion.”

DF: “I start my routine with Cle de Peau Beaute’s Softening Cleansing Foam. It’s really gentle, and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. Next, I use The Serum, followed by the Hydro-Softening Lotion. Then, I finish with the Protective Fortifying Emulsion to nourish my skin. Turning skincare into a small everyday ritual is a gift to myself.”


DF: “I think anyone would be lying if they said they’ve never had days or weeks where they felt off, beauty-wise or body-wise. Women are held to an often impossible standard. I try not to have many of those days though. I am a very confident person, and I stay true to that nature. Beauty is radiance. It is inner confidence – in who you are and what you can do. Bringing that into your everyday life seems small, but it can significantly change how you feel and how you are able to spark good things in the people around you.”

This story was first published in the March 2022 issue of Her World.