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Micellar water is a miracle worker. It looks and feels like plain water, but it’s a one-step, gentle and powerful product that doesn’t require double cleansing. It leaves no residue, and doesn’t have to be rinsed off.

Generally, micellar water is made up of water, moisturising agents and mild cleansers. The cleansing molcules band together working like magnets which sop up makeup and dirt. When you pour a generous amount of micellar water onto a cotton pad and swipe it across your face, it mops up all the unpleasant stuff with minimal rubbing. It doesn’t irritate or dry out skin, but leaves it clean and refreshed instead.

Micellar Water Is the One Cleanser Everyone Needs for Healthy Skin

While cleansing may seem like a simple skincare step, choosing the right product can be overwhelming, what with so many types of face cleansers available: foam, gel, oil, cream, balm, and even hybrid ones that transform from cream to oil, and so on. Each has its own merits.

However, a good micellar water formula would stand out from other cleansers as a foolproof, fuss-free, one-step solution that can remove all types of impurities without disrupting the skin’s protective barrier. Better still if it is suitable for sensitive and sensitised skin.

A Gentle Giant: What Makes Bioderma’s Micellar Waters Great?

French skincare brand, Bioderma uses highly purified water in its formulations. This water is said to be of the same quality as medical water that is used for injections. Unlike cosmetic-quality water, highly purified water is free of endotoxins which can penetrate skin and may cause inflammation. Bioderma’s gentle micellar waters also have natural sugars to further reduce skin irritation and cell damage, and prevent inflammation.

The OG Micellar Water

The concept of micellar water is not new. A clinical research team from Bioderma, in partnership with dermatological experts, invented the first-ever micellar water in 1995. They developed it to help people in France avoid washing their faces with tap water, which was heavy metal-based at the time.

Sensibio, the original variant of Bioderma’s H2O micellar water, was specifically formulated to deeply cleanse and soothe sensitive, reactive skin. Its cleansing action is extensive: It can remove long-wearing makeup, sebum, dead skin cells, toxins from perspiration, and dirt and pollutant particles that have accumulated on skin, even on the delicate eye contours. Its pH of 5.5 is in perfect harmony with the skin.

To cater to different skin types and conditions, Bioderma has formulated three other micellar water variants: Hydrabio H2O for dehydrated skin, Sebium H2O for skin that experiences oiliness, and ABCDerm H2O for babies.


While micellar water has been available for many years, most people in Singapore are more familiar with rinse-off cleansers such as foam and gel ones. Three women with different cleanser preferences try Bioderma’s micellar waters for the first time.

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