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What’s worse than not cleansing your skin? … Using the wrong type of cleanser, of course. A good facial wash needs to be two things – gentle on skin and yet effective enough to get the job done and leave your face well cleansed.

If you have not found the right cleanser yet, don’t settle for anything less. Repeated over-cleansing with a facial wash that’s too harsh can cause skin to become dry and sensitive. And this can lead to a host of other problems like dullness, fine lines and premature ageing; On the other hand, ineffective cleansers leave dirt and debris on the skin, which clog pores and lead to blemishes and breakouts.

Does this sound like your current cleanser situation? If so, it’s time to search for a gentler yet more effective facial cleanser pronto.

Why not try something different like a mousse type cleanser. If you’ve not used one before, it is exactly as fun as it sounds – It is dispensed as a super fluffy, souffle-light foam mousse from a pressurised can, and you apply it to wet skin. The mousse feels cushiony and very luxurious on the skin, way better than any lather you can get from a normal facial wash.

And mousse cleansers don’t get any better than NIVEA’s innovative new Super Mousse range. There are three variants – Pearl White for brightening and moisturising; White Oil Clear with oil control, hydrating and also brightening benefits; and Hydrating to deeply moisturise dry or dehydrated skin. Sounds too good to be true? There’s more. These new mousse cleansers from NIVEA have 3 innovative ingredients and technology to make it your best cleansing experience yet.

1. More hydrating for skin

The new mousse cleansers have a patented ingredient called Hydra IQ, which essentially infuses skin with moisture and hydration. The mousse formulas have three times more Hydra IQ than the brand’s previous cleansing formulas too, so they really replenish skin and keep moisture levels healthy. No more uncomfortably squeaky clean sensation and tightness after cleansing.

2. Gentler with no soap or alcohol content

It’s not easy to avoid soap chemicals like strong alkali or potassium hydroxide as these are relied on to provide the lather. But these chemicals strip skin of essential moisture, leaving it dried out and stripped. But with NIVEA’s new mousse cleansers there’s no need for these chemicals as the product is dispensed as a mousse already. The formulas are also free from colourants, mineral oil, silicones and parabens so it’s all kind to your skin.

3. Micro foam helps to deep cleanse

The mousse not only feel luxurious on the skin, it is actually made up of micro foam, which consist of tiny bubbles that can really get to the bottom of dirt and grime and sweep them away. This makes your daily cleansing more thorough while still being gentle on your skin.

If you prefer a traditional facial wash tube that you can lather up into a rich foam yourself, the Pearl White and White Oil Clear cleansers also come in Whip textures. These boast the same formulas and skincare ingredients as the mousse types, but are dispensed as a creamy paste like conventional facial washes, which you then lather with a bit of water in your hands. The difference? They lather up so easily into really rich, skin-pampering foam, hence the name –  Whip. (Think rich, creamy whipped cream.)

The Mousse variants are the perfect choice for extra gentle cleansing as they are free from 6 ingredients that are potentially harmful to skin – soap, alcohol, parabens, colourants, silicones and mineral oils. The Whip type offers gentle skin cleansing and is free from 4 bad-for-skin ingredients – alcohol, colourants, mineral oils and silicones.

Give these innovative, skin-loving cleansers a go, we guarantee, they will be the most pampering face wash you can treat your skin to.

NIVEA Super Mousse ($9.90 each) and Caring Whip ($7.90 each) are available at leading supermarkets and personal care stores, Cold Storage, Guardian, and NTUC FairPrice.