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The best hydrating sheet masks for dehydrated skin

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It’s one thing for a sheet mask to feel hydrating on the skin. It’s another for hydrating sheet masks to work on dehydrated, parched skins.

The purpose of a hydrating sheet mask is to provide additional moisture to your skin. That’s why they can be a godsend when used on long haul flights, or as an S.O.S treatment when your skin is feeling dry and taut after returning from say, cooler climates. Or really, can just be used as a pick-me-up on days when your skin’s not in tip-top condition.

But for people with dehydrated skin, a sheet mask has to do more than just hydrate. It has to be one that’s heavy duty – the hydration effects must be intense.

Why? Dehydrated skin is lacking in moisture; so not only does the mask need to restore hydration levels back to normal, it has to provide hydration beyond that. And not only so, the effects need to last – your skin shouldn’t feel uncomfortable moments after removing the mask (like, it’s back to square one – that means your skin hasn’t had time to absorb the hydrating serum and it’s evaporated) – the hydration effects should stay.

Essentially, your skin should be feeling soothed, calmed, plumped and significantly hydrated. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find sheet masks that are worthy to be considered one that’s for dehydrated skin, but we’ve narrowed down our favourites: