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Chanel Privé The Radiance Treatment, $200 for 75 minutes

You know you’re in for a treat from the moment you enter its premises. Tucked away on level four of TANGS @ Tang Orchard, this Chanel facial cabin is everything you could dream of and more. Decked out in the brand’s signature palette of beige and gold, you’re guaranteed to feel pampered from the instant you slip into the utterly soft robe and slippers. Recline in the ergonomically designed treatment bed and your facial begins with thorough makeup cleansing.

And while the key feature of this facial lies in the Le Blanc products used, your therapist also selects complementary products to address your other skin concerns. Accompanied with massage techniques that boost microcirculation, expect to emerge with a lit-from-within glow. For more information, call 6737 5500.


Jurlique Nature’s Spa Herbal Marine Facial Treatment, $240 for 90 minutes


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If you’re a fan of clean beauty, Jurlique is one brand that respects the environment every step of the way. This means that the brand cultivates its own herbs and flowers using biodynamic farming methods, which ensures maximum potency and minimum pollution in their raw ingredients. Using products from its anti-ageing range, your skin is treated to a slew of gentle, yet high-performance ingredients to reverse the signs of ageing. Cell repair is accelerated while skin’s self-defence mechanism is strengthened to fend off environmental damage for healthier, brighter skin. For more information, visit 


Kew Organics O2 Oxygen Facial Treatment, $360 for 120 minutes

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Designed specifically to address dull and tired complexions, this energising facial breathes new life to skin by replenishing it with hyaluronic acid and oxygen. It first begins with thorough cleansing before a diamond peel exfoliation is conducted to decongest pores and soften comedones. Your therapist then performs a light extraction, followed by the application of Jet Peel using saline water to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay.

Next, your skin is treated to a cool oxygen mist which revives sluggish cell metabolism to kickstart healthy cellular turnover. A blend of customised serums is then infused into your skin using an oxygen stream to boost absorption for plump and supple skin. An O2 Detox Vacuum ensues to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. Finally, enjoy a relaxing and firming facial massage which tones the complexion and enhances microcirculation so you emerge with a well-rested glow. For more information, visit 


Sulwhasoo Spa Snowise Brightening Treatment, $240 for 80 minutes

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For top-to-toe pampering, look no further than the Sulwhasoo Spa. Beginning with a warm red ginseng foot bath, this ritual is believed to stimulate circulation in the body for improved vitality. You’ll also get to pick your favourite from four of the brand’s signature scents, which will be used in a dry cloth massage that activates your body’s meridian points to further boost circulation. Using products from the Snowise range, your skin is treated to a blend of exquisite Korean herbs that not only regulates melanin production, but also targets cellular turnover to transform dull and rough skin into a complexion that’s luminous and supple.

A facial massage is also included, which uses white porcelain to help purify and detox the skin to reveal a never-before-seen radiance. For more information, visit


La Prairie Skin Caviar Facial, $260 for 90 minutes 

If you’re concerned with both dullness and a loss of elasticity, try this multi-action facial from La Prairie. Book yourself an appointment at the newly refurbished facial cabin at Takashimaya. Featuring wood and mineral elements, the new counter and cabin reflects the refined elegance of contemporary Swiss design, and makes you feel like you’re visiting a friend’s beautiful apartment. As its name suggests, this facial uses products from the Skin Caviar line, which harnesses caviar extract to firm and lift skin. Beginning with a thorough cleanse, your therapist then applies the 3-Minute Peel, a blend of exfoliating acids that eliminates dead skin cells and supports cellular turnover.

Next, a slew of sumptuous serums and creams are massaged into your skin using specific methods to boost absorption, tone facial muscles as well as relax your senses. A nourishing mask is then left on your skin while you are treated to an extensive arm massage. Finally, the appropriate Skin Caviar products are applied onto your skin. Plump, supple and glowing — your complexion has never looked better.