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Ultimate Hydra-O2 Experience, $420 for 90 minutes, Freia Aesthetics


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Why reap the benefits of one high-tech treatment when you can enjoy the results of two in just one facial? Designed to give customers maximum results in minimum time, it combines the deep-cleansing Hydrafacial with the glow-boosting Intraceuticals to give congested skin a newfound clarity. To begin, your skin is first thoroughly cleansed to remove all traces of makeup. Then, a suction tip is applied to your skin, eliminating dead skin cells.

For those with more stubborn congestion, your therapist will perform a manual extraction, skilfully and painlessly removing comedones that clog up your pores and roughen skin texture. Next, a blend of mild yet potent exfoliating acids are applied to help accelerate cell renewal and smooth skin surface. Finally, an oxygen jet is used to infuse a nutrient-rich serum into your skin. This concoction of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamins instantly soothes the skin while plumping fine lines and wrinkles for a revitalised glow. 


PAI Skin Confidence Detox & Decongest Facial, $200 for 90 minutes, Pure Tincture


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If you’re a fan of clean beauty products, this is your best bet. Using only PAI Skincare products, which are certified by the Soil Association to contain at least 70 per cent organic ingredients, you can be sure that your skin receives natural active ingredients that are effective and gentle to even sensitive and allergy-prone skin. For this Detox & Decongest Facial, shine-prone skin will benefit from organic ingredients like the Himanthalia Sea Algae, which is rich in minerals that help to regulate the activity of sebum glands.

Ghassoul clay helps draw out impurities within pores while infusing skin with nutrients while rice water is rich in amino acids to rebalance moisture levels a well-balanced complexion. When combined with a therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage, toxins from the skin are dispelled to further enhance the calming, clarifying and balancing effects of the beautiful products used. 


CryoLift Correct Hydra Therapy Facial, $210 for 75 mins, ART by Verita


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More often than not, our skin produces sebum to make up for the fact that our skin is lacking in moisture. And if your skin is dehydrated yet oily, it is vital to treat the root of its problem by replenishing it with an intense dose of hydration. Best for those with dehydrated skin types, this facial features ART’s proprietary Hydra Cryo-Serum, which your therapist applies onto your skin while she uses a cryotherapy probe to cool skin temperature.

In doing so, the cold probe helps to reduce inflammation, calm your sebum glands, provide an astringent effect, as well as aid skin’s absorption of the serum. A relaxing facial massage ensues to help tone skin before a Hyaluronic Youth Mask seals in moisture for a smooth and supple complexion.


SK-II Skin Clarity Facial, $200 for 60 minutes, SK-II Boutique Spa


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For those who are prone to clogged and enlarged pores, and experience frequent breakouts, try this deep-cleansing facial from SK-II. The key feature lies in the use of its Aqua Clean machine, which thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates skin gently without using harsh, abrasive exfoliants.

Instead, the Ionic Silver Gel is used to kill acne-causing bacteria, while the Skin Recovery Gel contains vitamin E to support skin’s natural self-healing process. Expect a soothed and well-balanced mien. 



Detox Anew, $180 for 75 minutes, Aesop Facial Appointments at TANGS @ TANGS Orchard Level 4


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Expect more than your run-of-the-mill facial experience at Aesop. From the moment you enter the reception area, you enter an entirely different world: one that is serene and void of stress. Less like a cramped facial studio that’s all-too-common in the CBD, and more like a plush underground lounge of a super-hip heiress, the space is impressively large.

After getting changed (in the adjoining and spacious dressing room), feel your stresses melt away as you sink into the utterly comfy, oversized treatment bed. Your therapist begins working on your less-than-perfect skin, carefully applying one layer after another of nutrient-rich salves and potions. Thanks to an intensive plant-based exfoliation with an Azulene-based calming mask, toxins and impurities are eliminated while vitamins and minerals are replenished to restore your complexion to its former, glowing glory.