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Nobody would say no to the fresh, glowing complexion you get after a good facial. Only, it doesn’t last for more than a couple of days. The better news is, it’s not that tough to DIY post-facial radiance. These four steps, done weekly, are all you need for a glow that should last three to five days. 

Step 1: Exfoliate

Slough away the debris of old, dead skin cells to see a brighter, glowing complexion instantly. It also smooths skin and helps it soak up the active ingredients from skincare that follows. 

Step 2: Brighten & Moisturise

Fact: Dry skin is dull skin. The fix: all-out hydration. The moisture also creates a plumping effect from within, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Step 3: Nourish Overnight

Skin repair happens at night so don’t waste that time. Nourish your future glowing complexion with active ingredients while you sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

glowing complexion

Step 4: Vitamin C Booster/Serum

A skincare mainstay, vitamin C helps to curb free radical damage as well as dull, uneven skin tone and dark spots. To boost its effects and promote a glowing complexion, massage your vitamin C serum in to encourage micro-circulation. 

glowing complexion

This article was first published in Her World’s February issue. 

Credit: Drunk Elephant / Instagram