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Midday instant lift
When your hair falls flat by midday, give it an instant lift by flipping your hair upside down and shake it out. Then, flip back and voila, instant volume! Spray some volumizing spray all over for added hold.

Switch the direction of your hair parting
The fastest and easiest way to get more volume is to switch the side you part your hair.

Tease your hair at the root
This old-school method is still the go-to trick for hairstylists. Desmond Yap, a hair stylist from ARX Salon says: “This is simple and it really works.” The trick is not to go too fast as that would leave your tresses tangled.

Use a root-lifting spray
Spritz root-lifting hairspray to your roots and lightly brush over your tresses with your fingers or a comb to set the look, says hair stylist Desmond Yap of ARX Salon. “You can try Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity.Spray. It’s super lightweight and smells amazing with its lavender hydrosol. You can use it as a light texturising spray, too.”