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Foundations generally come in two types of finishes – dewy and matte. Dewy skin, while all the rage now, can be tricky to achieve (makeup artists will tell you there’s a fine line between dewy and greasy). A matte complexion, on the other hand, is great for our hot and humid weather, and even greater if you have oily skin.
The problem is, matte foundations sometimes end up being heavy, cakey, flat, and hard to blend. Bourjois’ Air Mat foundation, though, promises to solve your matte complexion woes with its light-as-air formula. Include this in the brand’s four-step Air Mat Routine – which comprises other lightweight, pore-blurring products – and achieving flawless skin is as easy as, well, 1, 2, 3, 4.



1. Mattify
Start with the Air Mat Foundation ($29) on a clean, moisturised face. It has been “infused with air” so it has a mousse-like texture that feels feather-light (like bare skin!) and lets skin breathe. Blending the medium-coverage foundation is a cinch, and with three brightening shades, you’ll find one to suit your skin tone. Best of all, it looks as good after 24 hours as it did when you first applied it: No oily T-zone or patchiness, thanks to mattifying powder and zinc that absorb excess sebum.


Conceal fine lines
2. Conceal fine lines
Next, apply Blur The Lines Concealer ($16.50). It doesn’t just hide zits and dark circles like most concealers, but has blurring technology that perfectly conceals fine lines and pores – like they’ve been completely erased. The creamy stick, which comes in three shades, has a soft texture that doesn’t tug at skin. Instead, it glides smoothly across the face without creasing or crinkling.


Set your base
3. Set your base
Pressed powder has gotten a bad rep these days because old-school ones tend to settle into lines and dry out skin. But it’s time to give them a second chance. The new Air Mat Powder ($20.90) is Bourjois’ first light-as-air pressed powder. The secret? It’s ultra-fine and light, so it never looks cakey, doesn’t dry skin, and won’t give you that mask-like effect. All it does is set your makeup perfectly, and keep you looking perfectly matte – all day. It is available in four shades.  


Get blushing
4. Get blushing
No Bourjois look would be complete without a touch of blush from the famous Little Round Pot ($20.90), which has been around for more than 150 years. Available in 12 shades, it’s made from ultra-fine powder so it’s easy to blend and gives you a subtle, pretty flush. Plus, it has a sweet rose scent to perk up your day.



Visit Bourjois at selected Watsons stores for exclusive promotions on the Air Mat Routine. Complete store list can be found here.