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Simple ways to keep your scalp healthyWant to soothe your scalp and ditch dandruff while you’re at it?

Then make sure you’re giving your head health adequate attention.

“Clients tend to forget about their scalps,” says celebrity hair stylist Karine Jackson.

“Stress is the number one problem we see in the salon. Stress causes tension and the scalp will tighten, closing off the sebaceous gland, which will dry the scalp, causing flakiness and redness.

“It’s like having your hands in water for ages, then when you take them out they go wrinkly and flake.

“Another little trick I use and recommend to my clients is using a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow at night, which will relax your scalp, give you a better night’s sleep and relieve tension,” she adds.

Karine says summer is a particularly crucial time to think about scalp health.

“The sun can wreak havoc on your scalp,” she explains.

“It burns without you even realising it. To prevent this it’s best to wear a hat, but this is not always possible. If you have a distinct parting, a little sunscreen on this will help and whilst you’re there don’t forget the tops of your ears.”

And if your scalp does get sunburnt, don’t go putting lots of conditioner on insists Karine.

“This will lock the heat in and make the burn worse or even blister,” she warns.

“This is a rule you should also apply for your skin as well, so use an after-sun or aloe vera gel to calm the skin down.

“Once the heat has gone out of the skin then you can apply lots of moisturiser, or for your scalp, lots of conditioner.”

So, what’s the best way to tackle a flaky scalp?

“It’s great to give your scalp a little TLC and a good brush with a natural bristle brush will loosen the dead skin cells, keeping your scalp clear and fresh and a nice massage every now and then will work wonders” advises Karine.

“If you don’t have an amazing partner or kids who will do this for you, have a head and scalp treatment in the salon on your next visit,” she adds.