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There are the pros and cons of having Summer the whole year round here in Singapore. The humidity levels here keep our skin less dry than if we were living in a winter wonderland. But this also makes us more vulnerable to oily skin.

Excessive oil production is a cause of enlarged pores. If the skin’s oil glands produce more and more sebum, pores will be forced to expand to release the oil.

With enlarged pores comes rough and uneven skin. You might be slapping on more than needed amounts of concealer to even out your skin’s surface, but are you cleansing right? You might be clogging your pores further and improper skin care also plays a part in the result of enlarged pores. So start now to shrink your pores.


If you have acne-prone skin and visible pores, try Ettusais’ Pore Care Lotion Dual Effect, $40. 

This pore-shrinking agent contains a new moisturising and conditioning formula which aims to improve skin’s texture and to even out skin all while hydrating. It also has an effective amino acid derivative that prevents skin roughness which causes open pores.

After using a toner, pour a 50-cent sized blop on a cotton pad and gently pat the solution all over your face. Experience a pleasing refreshingly cool sensation.This super lightweight solution is fragrance-free and oil-free so skin does not feel sticky after.





If you have oily to combination skin, try FANCL’s limited edition Pore Treatment Kit, $50. It contains a Pore Cleansing Pack, Pore Essence and its Clear & Smooth Gel.






It’s important to cleanse right so you can prevent the clogging of pores. Get rid of impurities and excess sebum trapped inside your pores with FANCL’s Pore Cleansing Pack.

This rinse-off clay mask contains Tanakura Clay which helps remove the impurities from the skin. After cleansing, applying the mask on areas that are more prone to oiliness or areas with open mores. Leave on for three minutes twice a week and rinse off with lukewarm water to reveal smoother, blackhead-free skin.




Refine your pores and control skin oiliness with FANCL’s Pore Essense. This lightweight beauty essence is  easily absorbed into the skin. Containing HC Catechin, it helps prevent blackheads by preventing sebum oxidation. It also contains Amur Cork Tree Bark Extract that will help prevent the formation of excess sebum and oiliness so you can keep skin matte and smooth.

To be used after FANCL’s Milky Lotion, apply this essence on areas affected by open pores and oiliness. Avoid applying this on dry skin.




This Clear & Smooth Gel is the last step to the kit that is said to help keep pores clean and prevent build-up of sebum in the pores. It contains Sebum Eliminating Powder that absorbs excess sebum and prevents keratin plugs. Keratin plugs are the contributors to the emergence of blackheads.

After moisturising, apply three pumps evenly over the entire face. No rinsing is required.