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Fact: Shedding hair daily is completely normal. In fact, we lose about 50-100 strands of hair every day. Anything more and that definitely becomes a cause for concern. 

There are many reasons why we lose hair. Besides ageing, hair loss can also be caused by stress, improper diet (thus lack of nutrient intake) or illness. But that’s not all. Hair loss can also be genetic. This can sometimes make it challenging to determine the root cause of why you’re dropping hair more than usual. 

Fortunately, there is a hair treatment that can help both hereditary and reactional hair thinning and loss. The answer is in Klorane Anti-Hair Loss Serum with Quinine, a targeted haircare treatment that combines natural botanicals and science to address your hair loss woes. 

The secret of this no-rinse serum lies in its 98 per cent natural origin formula that combines quinine, caffeine and organic edelweiss. This complex works hard to reduce hair loss and breakage, stimulating hair growth while boosting the cellular metabolism of scalp at the same time to ensure that the hair roots are strengthened. In addition, the nutrient-rich serum also contains vitamin B and manganese that helps strengthen the hair and regenerate the hair fibre. 

All it takes is just thrice a week spritzes to get hair healthier, fuller and stronger. 

And yes, its efficacy has been proven. A clinical test on 45 people showed reduced hair loss with more than 3,000 strands in hair growth (based on three applications a week) in their first month of using the product, while a consumer test on 66 people over a period of three months found that hair became denser and more resilient.

In addition, Klorane not only cares for your hair, but for the earth too. The Hair Strengthening Serum with Quinine comes housed in a 100 per cent recycled and recyclable bottle and a FSC certified paper box. There’s no waste here.  

Why we love it: “Feels cool and minty, massages in easily and hair appears strengthened and less prone to breakage.” 

Award: Best Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (Drugstore)
Winner: Klorane Quinine Anti-Hair Loss Serum

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