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Dior beauty

Your eyes say everything that your mouth cannot. Dior scientists have found that, at one glance, the eye area says more about the state of your skin than anywhere else.

In their study of 200 eye shapes across France, South Korea, China and Japan, of women between 20 and 70 years old, they found that women all have the same concerns about the eye area – from visible ageing, to dehydration, fine lines and sagging skin.

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Enter Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum ($116), which promises to redefine and lift the eye area. The star is the brand’s proprietary ingredient, the Madagascan Longoza flower. It’s a scarlet- pink flower that blooms indefinitely, no matter how it gets cut or bruised. And because its seeds can grow in very extreme conditions, its regenerative ability is remarkable.

In addition, rye extract helps tighten slack skin, and acetylated hyaluronic acid increases the formula’s hydrating effect by 10 times.

The tube is topped by a dual-patented applicator, which has contoured waves to help smooth the product over different eye shapes. A simple three-step massage helps it along; finish off with a sculpting movement using your fingertips to ensure full absorption.

On application, skin is said to cool by about 1.5 deg C. The serum kept my eye area hydrated for up to six hours, even in air-conditioning. In the morning, my eyes looked more awake, and the area felt softer. After a week, dark circles became a little lighter and fine lines, less obvious.