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I’m a bonafide lover of aesthetic procedures, in particular lasers which can be great for so many skin issues, which is why I was interested in trying the new Picoway aesthetic laser. I’ve previously tried the Picosure laser [] and was very happy with the results. It really is basically painless. So, I wanted to see how the new version, the Picoway, was just as good.

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The Picoway aesthetic laser is also one that uses picosecond laser technology – which basically means the pulse of the laser is one trillionth of a second so that the ‘power’ of the laser is so fast your skin doesn’t register it. This why these types of lasers can be used without the addition of numbing cream on your skin. Without the layer of cream, the laser’s job is actually made much easier and is allowed to work to its fullest extent. According to the brand the Picoway laser “utilises photoacoustic impact to directly target skin blemishes, pigmented lesions, age spots, botched eyebrow tattoos, syringomas1 and even lightening dark eye circles, removing them without risking the damage which can occur with nanosecond lasers utilising photothermal (heat) energy”.

Apparently this means that the laser impacts the skin more like a shockwave rather than with heat. So, it’s breaking up the pigment in your skin rather than burning it. This also makes the Picoway particularly good for darker skin tones. The fact that there is less heat involved in using the Picoway means that you feel a lot less pain – in my case nothing at all but then I do have a fairly high pain threshold. 

So, as I mentioned before I’ve tried a lot of different aesthetic procedures including lots of lasers and the Picosure laser which is similar to the Picoway. Under the kind, caring and funny hands of Dr Patrina Wong from Linc Aesthetic Clinic in Liat Tower, I got a full course of the Picoway laser for various signs of sun damage, skin unevenness and also for fine lines. Dr Wong also explained that by running the laser over areas of skin that a sagging slightly you can stimulate the collagen in your skin and get the added bonus of a slight lift. 

Singapore skincare picoway aesthetic painless laser review DR WONG
Dr Patrina Wong from Linc Aesthetic Clinic

And yes, this really is true. There was a distinct and noticeable difference in the areas of my nasal labial folds, the height of my eyebrows, some wrinkles on my forehead and around the chin and jawline. You could definitely see where my face had been ‘lifted’ compared to the non-lasered side. 

The full results came in after about two weeks and I could clearly see that I looked ‘fresher’ with visible reduction in my fine lines and uneven pigmentation. One thing to note, however, is if you have a tendency to have dry skin you must make sure to use a good, thick moisturising cream after the procedure. Otherwise you will end up suffering from what looks like a pimply breakout, but which is in reality your skin’s reaction to the ‘attack’ of the laser. So, for dry skin people remember to lather up. 

Singapore skincare picoway aesthetic painless laser review CLINIC
Linc Aesthetic Clinic

On another note, Dr Patrina Wong is absolutely lovely … Her clinic has more of a spa-like feel and the staff are super friendly. They also use massage chairs – yes, really! – for your laser procedure so you get to relax at the same time. I personally think this is a great idea. Dr Wong has a full suite of aesthetic procedures available including different lasers, Botox, fillers etc, so you have access to anything you might need. 

Dr Patrina Wong’s Linc Aesthetic Clinic is located at Liat Towers #21-01/2, 541 Orchard Road. For more information about the various services, go to

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