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Photo: Chi, The Spa

There is nothing more pampering than getting a massage at the end of the week, to loosen the knots from crouching over a computer for hours on end. 

Better yet when said massage combines the best of Asian massages – think stimulating pressure and marma points the Thai and Ayurvedic ways, Balinese and Malay massage strokes, and traditonal Chinese techniques that balance the body’s energy flow (qi). Aptly called the Signature Asian Blend massage, Chi, The Spa’s full body treatment draws on Asia’s best healing and wellness traditions, all rolled into a single massage.



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“It’s a treatment that’s perfectly suited to relieve the stresses and rigours of the modern world,” says Doris Sinnathurai, Director of Chi, The Spa & Health Club.  

Armed with tough shoulder knots and a sore back – both in need of some TLC – I stepped into Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, well-prepared. Here’s what the ginseng-scented space of Chi, The Spa had to offer, with their Signature Asian Blend massage. 

Photo: Chi, The Spa

Ambience: Ample space in individual rooms, with en-suite washrooms and vanity areas. The bed sits in the middle of the room, and is rather cushiony and comfy – which is great for a quick snooze. Gentle spa music softly plays in the background. 

Products used: You get to choose from four essential oils, and one unscented, to be used as your massage oil. These include mandarin (warming and invigorating), oolong (energising and balancing), ore (made of clove and ylang-ylang, to uplift spirits), and sun (made of vanilla and sandalwood, to calm and comfort senses). The unscented scent is made of organic flower essences, to relax your body. 

Steps: You’ll first need to deeply inhale the scent of the essential oil you chose, to calm frazzled nerves. Your therapist will also ring a Tibetan singing bowl, to signal the start of your treatment. 

Medium to firm pressure is used throughout the treatment, starting from the feet, and moving upwards to the head. Chinese tui na (bodywork) techniques are used at the end of each area of the body, to promote better blood circulation. You’re more than welcome to share with your therapist areas that need more rubbing, and she’ll gladly tend to them a little more. Do expect the especially “knotty” areas to hurt – the nature of these Asian techniques is to knead and iron the kinks out.

Fingers, elbows and forearms are all used during the massage. I enjoyed the bit most when my therapist elbowed my lower back – it was painfully satisfying. 

After that, feel free to munch on post-massage bites in the lounge area, and savour a cup of ginger tea to calm your body down. 

Results: The Signature Asian Blend massage is truly the kind of massage that leaves you wondering if you should turn up for it every Friday evening. The therapist is trained to use different strokes (of different origin) to release tension from various knots. Stepping out, your body will feel significantly more relaxed, yet energised at the same time. 

Price: $165++ for 60min, and $235++ for 90min. For a limited time only, enjoy $10 off when you book the Signature Asian Blend treatment by 31 October 2019. 

Final verdict: The perfect monthly #treatyoself. There’s payday for a reason, guys.