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Review: Here’s what a lash lift does for short, sparse lashes

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I have to admit, I was a non-believer when it came to lash lift treatments. Why do it when there are plenty of great – nay, amazing – mascaras out there that do the job just as well? And what possibly can a lash lift do to short, sparse and skanky lashes… when they’re already short, sparse and skanky?

Well, clearly, I was proven wrong. But before I go on, here’s what a Keratin Lash Lift at Dr Beauty did for my lashes:

Review: Here’s what a lash lift does for short, sparse lashes

(L-R) Before and after the Keratin Lash Lift treatment.

I have short, poker straight lashes. The kinds that require mascaras to work very, very hard – to lengthen, volumise, and curl. On the other hand, I was reluctant to get lash extensions, because of all the extra work that needs to go into taking care of them. You can’t rub your eyes, can’t use oil makeup removers, can’t have water splashed directly on your eyes…… it was too many can’t do’s for a millennial #lazygirl.

So I eventually settled on a lash lift treatment, after what Viona Soh, founder of Dr Beauty said:

“There’s nothing you need to do to care for it.”

That means, no special care needs to go into caring for your lashes after a lash lift is done. It quite literally takes the term “effortless beauty” to the next level. And if you’re sceptical – you don’t take it from me.  Take it from Viona, who’s had nine years of experience working with lashes.

Here’s what goes into a typical lash lift treatment session at Dr Beauty.

For the first 15 minutes or so, Viona took my lashes through what she calls a “Lash Spa”. She places a collagen gel pad on my under-eye area to keep that area hydrated as she cleanses off my makeup. It’s not a common practice to get such a pampering treatment for your under-eye areas, Viona tells me. “Most beauty salons only focus on the lashes. For us, we want to take care of your entire eye area,” she says.

A lash serum is applied to condition the lashes before the lifting process begins.

Different customers want different intensity of their lashes curled. Some prefer a gentle, girl-next-door flutter, others, something a little flirtier. For me – I wanted my lashes to be as curled as possible. Just so that they’re not poker-straight anymore. These details will be taken down during a mini consultation before the treatment.

My lash expert then started the lash lift. She worked quickly and niftily – one minute shaping my lashes to a suitable silicone pad for the intended curling effect, another minute applying the perm solution to them. There was no discomfort at all, in fact, I’m quite sure I was dozing off the entire time.

After 20 minutes, your lashes should be permed to the shape of the silicone pad. A nourishing lotion is applied to condition lashes, and then followed by a lash serum.

The difference is drastic – and I’m not even being dramatic. Because your lash expert will “stretch out” every lash to its max for the best perming effect, your lashes will naturally look longer and fuller, even when they’re not.

With lifted lashes, my eyes looked brighter and more awake. I could walk out of the house without mascara (previously, I couldn’t), and still feel confident in my lashes. And with mascara, the lengthening and volumising effect is made much more prominent, as my lashes don’t droop down by middy like they used to.

I asked Viona again, are you really sure there isn’t anything I have to do to care for my new lashes? I mean, I want them to last for as long as possible (a typical lash lift will last you four to six weeks).

“For the first 24 hours, try to minimise contact with water. Thereon, you really don’t have to do anything special to your lashes,” she said.

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