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The last time I had shiny, healthy hair was probably five or six years ago, before going for an abundance of chemical hair treatments that had left my hair in its current dreary state.

As I’ve previously rebonded my hair thrice and dyed it way too many times to count, you can already tell that my hair is in terrible condition. It feels limp and lifeless and no matter what I use, anti-frizz serums or any kind of revitalizing conditioner, the texture seems almost impossible to repair.  


damaged hair

Can’t say I’m too proud of how my hair looked before the treatment

And yet, I continue to dye my hair (because who can resist all those gorgeous hair colours you see on Instagram?), even going so far as to bleach it for the first time this year. So yes, I was in definite need of a major hair treatment to fix my frizzy mane.




When I paid Mi the Salon a recent visit, they had just introduced their newest hair transformation treatments – the Kérastase Fusio-Therme Hair Treatment and Detoxifying Scalp Ritual. As Mi the Salon is immaculate when it comes to tailoring hair and beauty services to their customer’s needs, these hair treatments are no different.


mi the salon

Prior to the treatment, Gary Chew, founder of mi the salon, explained why it was important to maintain a healthy scalp. We don’t realise that our scalp ages way faster than our face and as a result, the premature aging of our scalp plays a large effect in the appearance of our hair. While our faces start to wrinkle as we age, our scalp loses the ability to maintain healthy follicles. In turn, we begin to suffer from hair loss, the follicles produce thinner hair and is less likely to hold a style.

So, if you’ve tried perming your hair before and the perm doesn’t hold up, now you know why.


Detoxifying Scalp Ritual

When we began the scalp treatment, Katherine, one of the leading stylists, did a ‘personalised diagnosis’ – which includes using a device to find out the condition of your scalp, whether you have normal, oily or sensitive scalp. After the diagnosis, she could then determine which ritual, Purifying, Clarifying or Calming, will work best on my scalp.

Since my scalp was slightly oily and clogged, I went through the Clarifying Ritual. My stylist, Khye Ling, started the five-step treatment by applying a peeling purifiant to cleanse the scalp and remove the dirt. She massaged my head after that and left me for at least 15 to 20 minutes before she washed my hair. When she scanned my hair afterwards, we saw that there was less dirt around my roots and my scalp was not as clogged as before.


Kerastase hair treatment

Next, we moved onto the 35-minute hair treatment where your hair stylist will determine which concentrate and booster should be used for your hair type. Since I had fine hair, Khye Ling applied the Kérastase Concentré Densifique and Density Booster, to strengthen and provide moisture to my tresses.

Following that, she straightened my hair with a special argan oil infused flat iron, which hydrates and smoothen the hair while also sealing in the nutrients. Lastly, she applied a Kérastase hair masque to nourish the hair fibers so that it will add more volume to my locks and prevent it from thinning.


curling hair

When she finished blow-drying and curling the ends of my hair, I was truly amazed by how beautiful my hair looked. It was soft and bouncy and my hair looked so much shinier and healthier than before. I was also in love with how much brighter my hair colour appeared after the treatment. Is this how celebrities feel when they get to show off their gorgeous luscious locks on the red carpet?


dry and damaged hair

Both pictures were surprisingly taken with my tiny iPhone SE

It is important to note, however, that this treatment only lasts for two to three washes. You would have to return to the salon for follow-up treatments and regular check-ups for your scalp. While my hair isn’t as shiny and smooth as it was right after the treatment, it is noticeably healthier than before and I feel a little bit more at ease knowing that the pores on my scalp isn’t as clogged as it was prior to the treatment.


Kerastase Chronologiste range

To continue taking better care of my scalp, I would alternate between using the Kérastase Chronologiste collection and my own colour-protecting hair products. Khye Ling also advised me to wash my hair with cold water after using shampoo and conditioner to close the pores and prevent dirt from entering the scalp.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a hair treatment, you can try out these hair and scalp treatments at mi the salon and Salon Vim while first time rates are still applicable.


Price for the Kérastase Detoxifying Scalp Ritual starts from $125 and first trial price for Kérastase Fusio-Therme Hair Treatment starts from $138.


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