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I have been skipping perfumes recently… Me, a huge fragrance lover who owns countless bottles of all kinds of fragrances. I am the kind of girl who firmly believes in having a huge perfume wardrobe. Different scents to go with different moods, outfits, occasions, and time of the day.

Right now I’m laying off using perfumes, partly because I’m expecting and with my heightened sense of smell I can’t bear spritzing on anything that smells intense, but mostly because the weather has been so warm lately and well, perspiration never goes well with perfumes right?That is until Kenzo’s new fragrance, Kenzo World Eau De Toilette landed on my desk last week. The pretty blush pink packaging was a huge draw, (the first Eau De Parfum variant was a cool shade of teal green), as it gave the sense that the scent would be light and soft, and I wasn’t wrong in assuming so. And the cute and iconic “all seeing eye” design makes it one of the most unusual fragrance flacons around.

The initial spritz of Kenzo World EDT was crisp and neither too floral nor too fruity. It was a lovely balance of the two top notes of pear and peony, and came across as clean, feminine and fresh. The pear note really is key in the scent, lending it a juiciness without being too sweet (like apple) or tangy (like citrus fruits). After spritzing it on a blotter paper, I decided that it was light and subtle enough that I could handle it and sprayed it on the skin on my wrists.

I didn’t regret it. The perfume settled into a gorgeous second-skin scent in about an hour and the base notes of almond and orris root emerged, making it powdery and a bit more sensual, without losing the softness and airy-light vibes it promised at the beginning.



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The scent lingered for half a day and I even spritzed it on again after lunch, and most importantly it didn’t smell weird when the day wore on, even after I walked out for lunch in the hot sun. It kept its fresh, subtle and pleasant fragrance, which is really all I want in a perfume. Don’t we all?


Kenzo World EDT, available at $83 (30ml), $116 (50ml) and $142 (75ml), exclusively available at all Sephora stores from April 12, 2018 and on Sephora Online and department stores from May10, 2018.


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