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Cleansing devices were the talk of the beauty town a few years ago and just like other gadgets and contraptions out in the market, opinions are divided on them. While some people swear by them for a deep thorough cleanse after a day of wearing a full face of makeup, or on alternate days a week for exfoliation, others maintain that they damage the skin barrier, cause breakouts and in short don’t deserve a spot in your bathroom.  

It’s a contentious issue but cleansing gadgets are also evolving (metaphorically and literally) and changing. Enter the ageLOC Nu Skin Lumispa that comes with a unique silicon end coupled with “dual-action skincare system” that does away with bacteria-festering brush bristles and promises to improve clarity and skin texture to help you get the coveted glow. After I got my hands on it, I cleansed my face with the tool once a day (only at night time) for the next two weeks as part of my skincare regime.  


What is the ageLOC Nu Skin Lumispa?

Photo: Nu Skin/Facebook 

The ageLOC Nu Skin Lumispa is a rechargeable, waterproof, cordless electric cleansing device (that you can bring into the shower with you). It comes with two different silicon heads that rotate at different frequencies and directions so your skin gets cleansed and exfoliated.

The cleansing session lasts two minutes and the device would pause automatically every 30 seconds to prompt you to move on to another part of your face. If you are tugging at your skin, scrubbing too hard or using too much force and pressure, the cleansing device would also pause automatically. These silicon heads are intended to be less abrasive than bristles and are meant to get into your pores to allow for a deep clean. You can detach the silicon head to wash it and it lasts for about three months.


The road-test

I have many cleansers that I alternate depending on how my skin is feeling for the day. However, with this cleansing tool, it is recommended for you to use the  ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleansers that are specifically formulated with the ageLOC LumiSpa device. They are designed to work synergistically with the counter-rotating motion of the heads to optimize distribution of anti-aging ingredients onto the skin while cleansing and exfoliating. That said, I did really like the cleanser I tried – the ageLOC LumiSpa Activating Cleanser (sensitive) that contains oat extract because it left my skin clean but not squeaky clean to the point where I felt like my natural oils were stripped off my face.

Even though the directions suggest using the tool twice a day (once in the morning and once at night), I wouldn’t suggest doing that especially if your skin is on the sensitive side because you don’t want to risk over-exfoliating your skin.

Here are some observations on the LumiSpa device:



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  1. It got off my makeup

I’ve long been in the habit of using a toner on a cotton pad after cleansing to remove any remaining traces of makeup after I double cleanse at night ( with micellar water and a gel type cleanser). But when I did this after cleansing with the device, the cotton pad was basically spotless.

If you only sunscreen and a light layer of cc cream on your face, the cleansing device alone should be able to get everything off in one swoop. On a day to day basis, I do wear face makeup like blusher and bronzer so I prefer removing my makeup with a micellar water and cotton pad before double cleansing with the LumiSpa device to thoroughly remove my makeup.



  1. It did not break me out

Before testing this device out, I was extremely afraid that it will over stimulate my acne prone and sensitive skin and cause me to breakout. Thankfully, this did not happen. In fact, after a few days into using my LumiSpa device, my skin felt smoother to touch.  That’s because the device not only remove dirt and makeup, but also does a gentle exfoliation and buffing off those rough dead skin cells is what’s making the skin softer. The device also proffers to help reduce the appearance of pores, but I can’t really tell if I notice this effect.

I’ve used other brush type cleansers in the past and my skin will always look red and irritated right after but with this cleansing device it didn’t happen. I’m guessing it’s because of the automatic stop function (device stops automatically when you exert too much pressure) so you’re not tugging on your skin.