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Review: I tried the eyebrow pencil that survived a car accident

PHOTO: Anastasia Beverly Hills/ Instagram

Eyebrows. Possibly the one feature on your face that can make or break your look. Polished, full brows can help frame your features, instantly making you look more awake (even if you rolled out of bed late and are running on your fifth cuppa today).

Point is, most people can’t leave home without filling in their brows. Especially when you’re not born with full, luscious ones. Which is precisely why a good eyebrow pencil is integral to our makeup routine (well mine, at least) – and it just so happens, this one managed to prove its worth with a bang.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz actually managed to survive a car accident, according to Allure – after a five-star review posted by user Chloe Olivia on the brand’s website. Olivia was hit by a car while out on a run, and suffered multiple broken bones, and was bleeding everywhere. But something came out of the ordeal unscathed – her perfect brows.

Review: I tried the eyebrow pencil that survived a car accident

PHOTO: Chloe Olivia

Now, that’s not the situation that most people would want to find themselves in. But it’s enough reason to pique my interest on just how long-lasting the formula is in our crazy humid weather. I had high hopes for it… I mean, it did quite literally survive blood, sweat and tears.

To put the Brow Wiz to the test, I’d purposely picked a work day that was jam-packed with events. And to really test the potential of the eyebrow pencil, I chose to not set my brows with a brow gel (like I usually do). If the formula wasn’t gimmicky – it’ll last from when I put it on, to when I take it off.

 And boy did it make long-lasting feel like an overstatement

Left: Got my brows drawn on at 8am; Right: 16 hours later, when I got home at midnight

How it applied and looked

The pencil was just the right stiffness and consistency. It wasn’t too waxy that it deposited too much product, nor was it too hard that you had to use pressure. The pencil was the epitome of easy-breezy-beautiful. It was able to mimic fine, hair-like strokes well – and the small, pointed tip made it easy to do precision brow-filling.

I left home at eight in the morning, with brows that looked (and felt) like a million bucks.



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What I put it through

It was a sunny day out – and my appointment at two in the afternoon required me to take a stroll down from Mandarin Gallery to Ngee Ann City shopping centre. Not a long walk, but enough to get me perspiring. Brows were still intact.

Had an after-work party, and decided to take public transport instead of a cab to work the brows in the evening humidity. It was about a 15 minute walk from station to venue, and I caught myself dabbing off perspiration off my forehead a couple of times. Bathroom check: brows showed no signs of fading.


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The party ended at 11 pm and we were craving for supper, so we slipped into a hole-in-the-wall Indian-Muslim store for a quick prata. Al fresco dining, too. While feeling the heat emitted from the huge prata pan that’s just a couple of steps away from us. Quick front-view-phone-camera check: the heat got nothin’ on these brows.

Wow, brows

I got home at a little past 12 midnight – and I’ve had the brow pencil on for 16 hours. Nothing faded, nothing smudged, no bald patches. My brows looked just like how I had it on in the morning. And if a brow pencil can have your back this well, you can be sure I’m getting five of it as backups.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is sold exclusively at Sephora outlets islandwide and at $40, comes in 10 shades.