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We all know that skin hyper-pigmentation from excess UV exposure is the chief factor that causes your complexion to lose its clarity and radiance. But did you know that natural skin ageing can contribute to the dull pallor and greyness of one’s skin tone too? Here’s why.

According to Japanese skincare brand Albion, skin dullness actually has three different aspects to it. There’s a blackish brown hue caused by melanin accumulation in the epidermis, a reddish brown cast caused by glycation (the process whereby sugar molecules cause the collagen fibers in skin to stiffen), and lastly a yellowness brought on by carbonylation (protein oxidation that is caused by reactive oxygen and lipids).


The promise

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Therefore, the premise of Albion’s new skincare line – Infinesse White – is that with these three different colour tones causing skin dullness and discolouration, you need skincare with various actions to counter the causes, in order to get the clearest, most radiant complexion.

The 7-step range boasts a holistic 3-step whitening action with plant-based ingredients like alpinia, vaccinium myrtillus leaf and houttunynia cordata extracts, working on different layers of the skin to counter the three discolourations of the skin.


Our review

We were given 4 products in the line to try – the Cleanisng Oil, Whitening Pump Milk, Whitening Pump Lotion and White Surge Solution, which is a concentrated serum. (The other products in the line are the facial wash, white clay scrub and white cream)

The brand’s skincare steps are very different from the usual cleanse, tone (or soften), serum and moisturiser. After cleansing, the Milk step comes in. This is a creamy, milky lotion that you apply with a cotton pad in circular motions over your entire face, and it is actually a moisturising and softening step.

Next, with the watery Lotion generously poured on a cotton pad, you need to pat and tap all over your face. The water-based product seals in the moisture and also leaves skin feeling refreshed and not overly rich or greasy. After this dries then comes the application of the White Surge Solution serum and the cream after if you have drier skin.

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The reverse steps of applying a creamy milk before a toner seemed a bit unusual for me at first but I must admit that applying a richer-textured moisturising step immediately after cleansing the skin felt very softening and comforting. The watery lotion also delivered on its promise of refreshing the skin. After applying the serum, my combination skin feels sufficiently hydrated. I used at least 4 pieces of cotton pads everytime I applied my skincare though, which is a lot more than my usual 1 piece to apply toner or softener.

After a week of using this skincare line, my skin was definitely more well hydrated and looked plumper, no more dryness and tightness that I always get from constantly being in an air-conditioned environment. I did notice that my complexion looked more even toned and had a dewy suppleness to it too. However, I did get a couple of small pimples around my chin, which could be due to changing hormones as much as the extra moisturisation that my skin may not have been used to. But overall, it is one skincare line I wouldn’t mind continuing with, given that I now need just a bit of cushion foundation to make my complexion look presentable every day.

Albion Infinesse White, from $63 for the Wash to $200 for the Cream, available from Albion counters at Metro Centerpoint, Robinsions Raffles City and Takashimaya D.S.

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