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Korean natural cosmetics brand Aprilskin has launched a new range in Singapore formulated for oily skin. It’s called the Back to True Nature (BTTN) Pink Natural Line. Formulated with natural and botanically-derived ingredients (as with all other products of the brand), it claims to control sebum, tighten pores and soothe skin – oregano being a key ingredient. Oregano herb water cools and calms sensitive, dehydrated and oily skin that’s imbalanced due to environmental aggressors. The whole line is free of 18 common harmful ingredients such as parabens, colorants, and fragrances.


This range is a simple one – it consists of only three basic products to use after cleansing and before sunscreen.


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The water-like Pink Natural Toner ($32) hydrates, refreshes and soothes skin with a cooling effect that lasts around 30 seconds. It is slightly astringent and contains alcohol, so make sure you do a patch test before using it on your whole face. Apply it with a cotton pad, or pat in with your hands for deeper hydration.




The Pink Natural Ampoule ($35) comes after. It’s a lightweight gel targeted to control sebum and further calm skin. It spreads on skin easily, and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling. The formula also contains wintergreen extract that mildly exfoliates skin.



The Pink Natural Cream ($38) is a gel-cream moisturiser that feels very light and gentle on skin. Its main function is to intensely hydrate skin.


VERDICT: I have very dry skin that looks oily on the surface, especially at the T-zone area. I’ve tried a host of hydrating serums, mattifying gel moisturisers and rich creams – but none of them have successfully balanced the look of my skin. I initially thought this range would be too light for me as my skin tends to perform better with richer textures. But, day after day, this line of products has managed to surprise me – my skin feels hydrated throughout the day without having to layer on heavy formulas, and looks radiant without any extra shine. I don’t have to blot at all.


Aprilskin is available at selected Guardian stores.


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