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Finding someone you’re happy to kiss on Valentine’s Day is hard enough. When you do find the right one, you don’t want to spend your February searching for a lipstick that won’t rub off during those steamy lip locks.

To help you find a transfer-proof lipstick, we enlisted the help of (portraits of) our celeb crushes.

Read on to see if these lipsticks stood up to the challenge.

Now, on to the tests.


Time to pack on the PDA!



The lipstick: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Allegedly ($32)

Our tester: Hayley Tai, Her World Features and Lifestyle Writer

Her first reaction: The lipstick is highly pigmented, with a mousse-like texture. It’s more lightweight than a cream lipstick but not as watery or ink-like. It goes on smoothly and isn’t patchy. It feels slightly wet and dries to a weightless finish after a few seconds.

Is it transfer-proof?: Kiss your date as much as you want. This liquid lipstick isn’t going to come off. It stayed in place through drinks and even a meal reasonably well.


The lipstick: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita Chestnut Rose ($31)

Our tester: Chelsea Tang, Her World Beauty Writer

Her first reaction: The lipstick has a very thin and weightless formula that still packs a pigment punch . Swipe it on and it instantly sets to an even matte layer that’s transfer-proof.

Is it transfer-proof? You can fearlessly go in for plenty of smudge-proof smooching, and no one will ever know!


The lipstick: Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint in Popsicle Coral ($32)

Our tester: Letty Seah, Her World Beauty Writer

Her first reaction: The shape of the applicator makes the lip tint really easy to apply. It gave me plenty of control. The lip tint has a light and almost watery consistency. It goes on smoothly and evenly – even on my dry and chapped lips. One swipe deposits very bold and vibrant colour.

Is it transfer-proof? Not quite. You should wait for the lip tint to set first and then blot your lips with a tissue before planting a kiss on your special someone. After the kiss, you’ll see the faint outline of your lips on your date’s cheek, which can be easily rubbed off with your fingers.