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We must say that this skincare launch took us by surprise. Sure, every other celebrity has launched their own skincare/makeup/hair care/perfume or collaborated with cosmetics companies for a limited edition collection. But we didn’t know that Olympic 100m butterfly champion Joseph Schooling had similar aspirations, too.

As it turns out, it wasn’t such a random ideal. All that time spent in chlorinated water dries out your skin, damage its protective barrier, and in the long run, causes skin to become easily reactive or sensitive. Some might even experience skin rashes.  

A chance meeting with a family friend, Dr SM Yuen from Atlas Medical – Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, led to the idea of JS Orphic. The duo teamed up with skincare specialists from South Korea to launch the unisex skincare line – a paraben-free range of the four products to cleanse, repair, hydrate and protect skin.

Here’s what happened when we tried it:

Pore Care Splash-Away, $149

It claims to be: A gentle, antioxidant-rich cleanser that cleanses without stripping skin’s natural protective oils. It also helps to soothe irritated skin and balance sebum production.

Key ingredients: Witch hazel, sage leaf extract, lemon balm extract, peppermint leaf extract, juniper berry extract, St John’s Wort, saponaria root extract, and burdock extract.  

How it feels on skin: It creates a light lather that spreads smoothly without dragging on skin.  

Results: We must admit our first thought was: “Oh, is this the kind of scent Joe likes in a cleanser?” Like a fizzy orange drink. Pleasant, refreshing and unexpected (just like Schooling?). This was a decent cleanser for sensitive skin (this tester has dry-combination skin with eczema). Skin doesn’t feel too dry or tight, just comfortable enough. It also didn’t irritate the skin.

Snail + Stem Cell Waterfall Serum, $288

It claims to be: A non-greasy skin-rejuvenating serum that plumps wrinkles, recharges skin cells, locks in moisture and repair damaged cells.

Key ingredients: Patented ingredient althaea rosea, niacinamide, adenosine and hydrolysed collagen.

How it feels on skin: The lightweight gel feels a tad tacky – it takes a few seconds before getting absorbed into the skin.

Results: The serum left the skin feeling soft and supple without any sticky or greasy feel. It helps to soothe skin redness, too.

My Favourite Skin Hydrator, $169

It claims to be: A face moisturiser that calms and softens skin as it has a nano ceramide liposome technology. It also prevents water from evaporating from skin.

Key ingredients: Patented ceramide complex and althaea rosea root (hollyhock) extract.

How it feels on skin: Like the serum, the lightweight moisturiser has a slightly tacky feel – you have to massage it in for a few seconds before it’s fully absorbed. So, start with a small amount and apply more if needed, and keep massaging.

Results: You can smell a tiny hint of the fizzy orange scent found in the cleanser. But it is very subtle and you barely smell it after application. It leaves the skin well-moisturised: skin feels supple, smooth and soft to touch. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, and in fact, it helped to soothe skin redness for this tester. (All together now, “thank you, Joseph!”) 

UV Shield + Skin Protector, $129

It claims to be: A broad-spectrum physical sunscreen with skin-barrier protecting properties.

Key ingredients: Titanium dioxide, patented ceramide complex and althaea rosea root (hollyhock) extract.

How it feels on skin: It has a slight tacky texture and takes some effort and time to spread out. 

Results: If you wear makeup, this sunscreen allows makeup foundation to go on smoothly. As it is a physical sunscreen, it does leave a faint whitish tint on your skin, which is slightly visible if you wear it on its own. However, if you are going for a swim, a white tint is no big deal since you’re wearing Joseph to the pool (this is my last attempt at a Joseph Schooling joke, I promise.)


You can buy the JS Orphic collection at and as well as at Atlas Medispa, #24-10 Ngee Ann City Tower B, and Nomadx, Level 3 Plaza Singapura.