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Review: This Hydrating Facial Treatment Got My Skin Glowing For Days

Credit: IDS Aesthetics

I’ve always thought my skin was on the oilier spectrum – my complexion always looked shiny by midday and I’ve been prone to getting pimples since school days. In fact, before I started my laser treatments, I was using anti-blemish treatments every night. So imagine my surprise when I found out that my skin was not oily but dry during a recent facial treatment

When I learnt that IDS Aesthetics has a new hydrating facial treatment that would not only infuse my skin with lots of the hydration I was needing, but also get it glowing, I was super psyched to try it out.

To really see the effects, I made sure to schedule my treatment slightly more than a week after my laser session. Here’s how it went:

IDS Dew Mist Mi facial treatment, $267.50 (60 minutes)

Dew Mist Pro
Credit: IDS Aesthetics

What it is

A hydrating facial that loads skin with maximum moisture to get it smooth and supple instantly. At the same time, it plumps the skin from within to erase signs of fatigue and fine lines, revealing an intense glow-up. 

This facial is ideal for dull and dehydrated, or dry skin. It is even suitable for sensitive skin that’s prone to redness, and can be used to soothe and calm skin from eczema and rosacea too.

Key technologies

The treatment uses a combination of oxygen infusion, ultrasound and LED light therapy to infuse the specially formulated Dew Mist Serum, Essence and Rejuvenating Lift Cream into the skin, replenishing it with moisture and getting the complexion healthy and smooth

The treatment process 

The treatment starts with a double cleanse, allowing the therapist to examine your skin. I’m told that my skin is looking pretty good except that it is a little dry. I share that it is because of the laser treatments and acne oral medication, which dries the skin. To which, she tells me that this hydrating facial is exactly what my skin needs. 

My face is then gently exfoliated using a sonic skin scrubber, which I’m a fan of because I do not like manual extractions. For those who feel the same way, you’ll be glad to know that this treatment does not include any manual extractions at all.

Next comes the Dew Mist Oxygen Infusion that delivers the Dew Mist Oxygen Serum, which contains fermented soy peptides to help repair the skin, boost its renewal process and resilience. It feels like concentrated cold air on my skin. According to the therapist, some patients have commented that this tickles, but I feel quite soothed by it. It is even gentle enough to be used over the delicate eye area, which tends to be dry because the skin is not only thinner but also has less sebaceous glands.

After doing the oxygen infusion on half of my face, the therapist lets me take a look to see the difference. I am quite impressed. The left half of my face is really glow-y, compared to my right half. Even the lines around my eyes look less obvious. 

She finishes with the right half, then goes on to apply a mixture of the Dew Mist Moisturizing Essence combined with the Dew Mist Rejuvenating Lift Cream over the entire face. The Essence contains hydrating actives like saccharide isomerate, a plant-derived ingredient that promises to keep skin hydrated for up to 72 hours, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide (vitamin B3) to plump the skin with moisture and strengthen its barrier. The Cream, on the other hand, is packed with anti-ageing ingredients like conotoxin, a biomimetic and synthetic peptide derived from sea snails, multi-peptides and pullulan, to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and firm the face. 

To help all these ingredients get absorbed well, a C-Ion device with ultrasound therapy is used. The applicator feels cool on the skin and the whole process feels like a gentle facial massage. The therapist shares that for those with sensitive skin, skin that flushes easily or is eczema-prone, a slight prickly sensation might be felt during this step. Fortunately, despite the slight redness on my cheeks, this is very comfortable and I almost drift off to sleep. 

Next, the DermaShield Mask is applied to my face. This facial sheet mask is infused with the DermaShield Serum to hydrate the skin and reinforce skin’s protection against exposure to blue light, infra-red light and environmental pollutants. After which, the therapist covers my eyes with thick cotton pads to protect against the bright light of the LED shield. 

She warns me that the light will be bright, but nothing quite prepares me for it. My claustrophobia kicks in and I feel like I can’t breathe. I had to request that the LED shield be removed because I was really struggling. The therapist is very understanding and moves quickly to switch the light off. 

I was afraid that I would not be able to reap the benefits of the treatment fully, but the therapist reassures me that while the LED component would definitely help prolong the glow of the facial and aid in skin rejuvenation, I would still be able to see good results from the Dew Mist skincare applied earlier.

After 15 minutes, the DermaShield Mask is removed, and the remaining serum is lightly massaged into the skin. To finish, sunscreen is applied and I’m good to go. 

Dew Mist Mi
Credit: IDS Aesthetics

The results

I leave with my complexion feeling soft and supple. More importantly, I’m amazed at how clear and glowing my skin looks – I don’t even need to reach into my bag for my BB cream (I brought it along just in case). In fact, I feel completely confident to leave the medispa bare-faced, something I have never done before after a facial.

It’s been a few days since, and my glow is still there. I am still so impressed at how good my complexion is looking. 

The verdict

This is definitely a facial that complements my laser treatments, especially since lasers can leave my skin feeling parched. I’m told it’s best to go for this facial treatment at least one week after my laser treatment. As I’m starting to get dry skin issues as well, this medifacial really helps give my skin the hydration it needs from deep within, so I don’t have to rely on heavy creams to get the same moisturising effect.

My only regret is not being able to finish the treatment with the LED therapy because I would have liked to see how enhanced the glow can get. Even though I’ve had LED light therapies done before, I’ve never had a reaction like this. Perhaps it might be that the LED device is placed rather close to the face and the light is immensely bright. It’s overwhelming for those who are sensitive to light like me.

That said, I still hope to be able to do the complete treatment with the LED therapy one day. Or maybe the treatment could be tweaked to allow an option for a slightly less intense light to be used, so that people who are prone to anxiety or claustrophobia might be able to get the skin rejuvenation benefits without having to hold our therapist’s hands to calm down.

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