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Living in humid Singapore, frizzy hair is not something we can easily avoid. Even people with super-fine, straight hair can have trouble keeping their tresses frizz-free at the end of a long day. Add to that recent hair colouring trends that encourage us to go lighter, blonder and bolder, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t looking for a quick fix to repair or tame their hair. 

Besides using treatment masks, hair oils, serums and styling products daily, you can opt for chemical treatments that help repair and smooth hair cuticles. One of them is the Korean Gloss Anti-Frizz Treatment from Mi The Salon. Here’s the breakdown:

What is it?
A keratin treatment that helps smooth and “fill in” hair cuticles and hair that has grown porous from the chemical treatments with proteins, amino acid and hydrolysed collagen. By doing so, it keeps hair moisturised and shiny-looking, and also reduces blow-drying time by almost hair, since porous hair retains more water and takes longer to dry. It also helps smooth naturally frizzy hair without making it jet-straight, unlike rebonding treatments of the past. 

Hair that is damaged is porous, and this treatment smooths out the hair cuticles so it feels and looks healthier. Photo: 

What to expect?
The hairdresser first shampoos your hair to remove all traces of oil and products like conditioner, that help smooth the hair. Then, hair is blow-dried before the patented treatment formula is sprayed on. Hair is then flat-ironed to “activate” the treatment and seal it in. It’s best to avoid washing your hair for three days after the treatment, to allow it to fully set into your hair shaft for the best results. After the second day, your hair can be a bit stiff so you might want to apply a drop of hair oil to smooth it out. If your roots or scalp feels greasy, a dry shampoo should help (here’s how to use one correctly). The entire treatment takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on your hair length and how damaged your hair is – the more porous it is, the longer it takes. With maintenance, the results should last three months.


My thrice-bleached hair (it was blonde, and pastel pink for a while) looked smoother and felt healthier after the treatment. Before that, it was brittle, breaking off in pieces during shampooing – it was that damaged. It also cut my blow-drying time by almost 30 per cent, because my hair was just too porous. The best part for me was that I no longer needed to flat-iron my hair in the morning to smooth it out, which made it much more convenient and easier to maintain. The only issue I had with the treatment was that it didn’t allow me to wash my hair for three days, going against my daily habit of washing and blow-drying my hair. And because I just used a regular shampoo and conditioner, with the twice-weekly hair treatment masks, the results lasted for about six weeks for me. After that, my hair was still manageable and still didn’t feel as damaged, even though the smoothing effect was not as obvious as before. 

The Korean Gloss Anti-Frizz Treatment is priced at $260-$350, before GST. At Mi The Salon, #03-19 Ion Orchard, tel: 6884-7757.