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Everyone knows and loves Etude House, the beauty powerhouse that we turn to when we’re looking to follow the rising trend of Korean skincare and makeup. From lasting water-gel lip tints in the shape of ice cream sticks to cute bottles of hand cream inspired by adorable woodland creatures, Etude House has always been a step ahead of the game in creating eye-catching beauty products that work wonders. I didn’t think anything could beat their collection of 17 lipsticks: Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk, but Etude House has certainly outdone themselves this year.

In mid 2019, Etude House released a new lip collection: the Better Lips-Talk collection. The best part? This collection is home to 60 lip shades. Available in two different textures, regular and velvet, the lipsticks are formulated to glide smoothly onto your lips and last for hours after application.

With the plethora of shades available, it definitely wasn’t easy to pick just one, but eventually I decided to go for a muted orange lip: OR201 Orange Brick in the velvet finish. After lunch and copious cups of tea, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lipstick fade softly into a watercolour-esque stain that let the natural colour of my lips peek through to achieve a pretty hue.

Photo: Better Lips-Talk Lipstick in OR201 Orange Brick

Achieving a kissable pout

What I love most about the lipsticks is how pigmented they are, yet how light and comfortable they feel on my lips. I constantly battle with dry lips, which makes me super cautious about the stuff that goes on my lips. So you can imagine my excitement when I realised the formula was moisturising and doesn’t cause my already dehydrated lips to flake. Instead, my lips looked plumped and nourished, an achievement that was personally pretty rare.

Packaged to perfection

The lipstick is nestled inside a muted baby pink case that reveals a gold packaging when you pop the lid open. And my favourite part: each lipstick has a magnetic cap, so your lipstick caps will never disappear into the abyss that is your handbag.

All in all, the quality of the lipsticks is stunning and the shade range is so huge that you’d take forever to pick a favourite. At $18.90, the price point is reasonable, especially if you’re going to rock that lip colour to the office every day. I know I will.