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So here’s our star for the day: Cle De Peau Beaute’s newest Le Fond de Teint. Launching in August, Le Fond de Teint is touted to be a luxurious foundation that nourishes your skin as it blurs out your blemishes. Said to be as pampering as their iconic La Creme (which is our beauty editor’s secret to looking youthful), termed by their team of beauty experts as the ‘Queen of all Foundations’.

How so?

First things first, it is formulated with a pioneering technique that blends oil into gel, allowing the foundation to penetrate beneath the epidermis. Le Fond de Teint aims at blurring out your trouble spots, exuding a natural radiance with a hyper-natural finish as opposed to masking it under layers of powder like the usual foundations. If you’re looking for more lightweight foundation while waiting for this to launch, we’ve handpicked some here.

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Secondly, it contains premium ingredients (think antioxidants and botanical extracts) that are found in Cle De Peau’s pampering skincare products. This aids in restoring your skin to youth-like smoothness, firmness and radiance when used on a long-term basis. To enhance the skincare effects, we suggest using this with the foundation.


Putting it to test over two weeks, here’s what we found:

Like we mentioned earlier, the coverage is sheer. Instead of masking blemishes up completely like how heavy-duty foundations do, it blurs them out. Also, it helps to subtly lighten the complexion, allowing you to look fresher and more awake.  

It applies on smoothly and blends out really well. Unlike some high coverage foundations that completely mask up your face, the creamy and moisturising formula actually allows the skin to breathe, a definite plus for the muggy weather we have here in Singapore. Also, it dries up fast and does not crease around the under eye area. And while you’re at it, we suggest mastering these foundation tricks of the trade to fully utilise it.

Skincare-wise, it did visibly improve the complexion after just one week of use. It is very hydrating, leaving the skin soft and supple. Complexion became more even-toned, and dare we say, with a subtle glowing complexion.



We give top marks to this new find because of its ability to both nourish your skin and soften spots simultaneously. For those who are looking for a heavier coverage, the Le Fond de Teint will not be able to do that for you. What it does is to care for your complexion while blurring out blemishes, improving your skin’s texture and providing a long-term solution rather than a short-term one i.e. merely masking up your spots. If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment to further enhance the skin’s firmness, we have some to recommend you.

It does not clog up your skin or leave a sticky after-feeling. Rather, it finishes smooth and satiny, with an illuminating veil of radiance. Plus it comes with 35 SPF and that means you can skip the sunscreen should you wish to. So if your aim is to get a product that does double duty, we recommend you put this right near the top of your shopping list.