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As technology rapidly advances, our skincare routines are bound to hop onto the bandwagon. We’re not referring to the complicated laser machines at the clinic – but the ones that are safe enough to bring home for use. We tell you all about these two gadgets that we had the opportunity to try for ourselves, and whether they’re worth it.


Massage your way to better skin


Clarisonic’s latest innovation – the Smart Profile Uplift ($530) – marks its first foray into mechanobiology, where cells are subjected to physical forces that can influence the way they behave.

The product comes with a softer face-cleansing brush (for those who find their existing cleansing brush heads too rough to the touch), and a new vibrating three-point massage head with a vibrating frequency of 75 hertz (which reportedly translates to 27,000 micro-massages a minute to help improve skin elasticity and firmness). Glide it over your forehead, each cheek, neck and decolletage for 30 seconds each, every day and night, after applying face moisturiser.

Verdict: “I like that the massage head fits my facial contours really well and I can move the tool smoothly over my face with just a thin layer of moisturiser. The vibrations feel very comfortable, almost addictive, and my skin feels a tad firmer after one session. Simone Wu, senior beauty editor

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Brighten skin evenly


Putting on this mask might feel strange the first time you do it – we’re not used to looking like faceless robots emitting red light from around our heads. But this is actually a beauty device with 12 red LED bulbs and six infrared LED bulbs attached to the inner surface.

When turned on, the light reportedly penetrates the deeper skin layers (which purely topical formulas cannot reach on their own) to prevent excess pigmentation and stimulate collagen and elastin production. This is a step to add to your nightly unwinding routine: After cleansing your face, put on the mask, switch on its Activator – which supplies power to the mask – and let the lights work for a full 10 minutes (while you relax and listen to your favourite podcast, of course). The Activator is good for 30 uses. After that, you can purchase a refill Activator.

Verdict: “I like that I don’t have to second-guess if the lights cover every part of my face, unlike with the handheld type of light-emitting gadget. The mask feels light and doesn’t press down on my face. If your face shape is a bit wide, this may feel a tad tight at the temples. I felt a bit restricted because I couldn’t do anything for 10 minutes as I couldn’t see and had to stay awake to apply my skincare after. Dione Chen, beauty writer

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This story was originally published in the July 2017 issue of Her World magazine.